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  1. Go ahead - talk all you want. But do it elsewhere. I ordered a couple of RGB floods this afternoon, and 34 minutes after I received an email confirming the order I received another email telling me that the product has shipped. Now some people might say that's an awfully long time to wait. But heck - at my age, I've waited longer than that for a bowel movement. When a company can get their business finished, including the paperwork, quicker than I can at home, well, let's just say my hat's off to them.
  2. Guest

    KISS Method

    You saw an amazing video on the internet where someone's home was synchronized to the lights. Is it cool or what? Now... you want to do the same thing. If you haven't already started hanging lights, sequencing, etc, you're pretty much hosed this year. That's right, this is not a plug and play option. Those are sold at your local home improvement store. But, if you want to expand beyond the capability of that unit, you've found the right place. First, research these forums by using a Google search or browse many topics in each of the forums. There's plenty of information to read here and your answer will be posted 99.9% of the time. Second, know what you're buying. If you didn't do the first thing, then you won't know what you're buying. Third, asking for help will get a polite answer easier than begging or demanding one. They're users that's been with LOR since day one. They know the equipment inside and out. Fourth, it's about having fun. If you take a sequence from a person that's offering them up for free. A kind gesture goes a long ways. Finally, the KISS method. Keep it simple stupid. The AC controllers in a weather proof enclosure really don't need to be inside a building, garage, or home. It's much easier to place the unit next to the lights without running a million extension cords hundreds of feet long. Plus, it's better to purchase everything after the season where huge discounts are offered. Keeping these things in mind will yield a cool display and a knowledgeable decorator.
  3. We've done a donation box every year. As far as using the funds to cover the costs of the display, I think that's the tackiest, most selfish and most disgraceful thing I've heard in a long time. If a person can't afford to do a display, then DON'T! We actively mention the donation box during most announcements and every penny donated goes to our local food shelf. Those who want to donate do, and those who don't want to donate don't. I've yet to hear any complaints about the donation box, but we've heard tons of praise. And quite frankly, if someone wants to drive away in a huff because they're offended, I say thanks for clearing that spot in the street for those waiting in line who WANT to be there. I'm unsure what "ramifications" or "proof" or what "paperwork and etc" dgrant refers to. Maybe things are different in the Ozarks than in Minnesota. We simply empty the box each night, count the proceeds - for nothing more than our own satisfaction - and then hand over the stash to the head of our local foodshelf every few days. I'm not sure how it could be any more simple. Note: We do buy, for the face value, any grocery gift cards that get donated because the food shelf can leverage 20 bucks much, much farther than they can a $20 dollar gift card. And I always buy the dollar coins people deposit because I like dollar coins.
  4. You could always try voodoo. I often sacrifice a chicken while chanting to the electrical gods. (Eating a bucket of KFC while yelling work dammit)
  5. This is pretty much how I start doing every song. Gives me lots of timing options very quickly (about 10 minutes). I still have to take some time to make sure things are perfect, but it gives me a huge head start. This video shows how to: Look at what is inside a bare bones LMS fileTake advantage of advanced timing wizards in AudacityHow to manually convert Audacity timing grids (labels) and import them into Light-O-Rama timing gridsHow to automatically convert Audacity labels to LOR timing grids using a crude PERL script, that I don't support.How to use the Beat Wizard and the Tapper Wizard.Ends with a brief code walkthrough on the script.Links: Audacity Download:http://audacity.sourceforge.net/Queen Mary Vamp plugins for Audacity: http://www.nutcracker123.com/nutcracker/releases/Vamp_Plugin.exeLink to Audacity to LOR Script: (I provide no support for this): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B95M-4jUDX5aSVVGMEJoQmpiUGM/viewActiveState PERL: http://www.activestate.com/activeperl
  6. The only INCORRECT way of unplugging cat5 that I know of is tripping over the cable...
  7. paralegalnc

    This is why

    last night two little children came to my door dressed in Christmas pjs. The family (a dad and 4 kids) has a tradition where they go out and look at lights. When they find one they really like they give them a reward. They gave me a little paper trophy. I was moved to tears. I didn't even get their names. I wish they had written it on it. This is the most precious thing. I am going to frame it. I was speechless...and well, that doesn't happen often. So despite all the problems we have had this year... and we've had a bunch.... the frustration, the work... the little paper trophy is worth more than anything and makes it worth it. This year's show was very special to me and it's really nice to know that others like it.
  8. I would quit worrying about other people's display and worry about your own.
  9. Tom- Thanks for the compliment. Trust me I understand your pov. As far as outline sequences other than James there may be less than 5 members I have asked for a sequence and I know each of them from memory. James sequences compliments my props and my singing faces. I also have either met in person, skype or over the phone each of them, well except for 75Redman who recently shared a work of art with me. I still haven't worked it into my show yet, I think it was a patriotic sequence so it will get there. IMO this is just a fun hobby, that's why I do what I do. If I wanted to get paid, and I have had offers, that would take the fun away. I like helping people either singing faces or setting up their pixies etc. and when my local publisher asked me why I do what I do for the holidays my comment was and will always be the same "because I can and there are others who simply cant for various reasons" and I left it at that. Its the same way in the forums. Happy Lighting and Merry Christmas everyone. JR
  10. Here's one I use. Lots of people like it. I use it for checking all the lights across both yards. (Sorry - I can't find any more recent video.)
  11. Guys in ways, it is comments like this that drive Dan crazy. Look at this forum. Threads have a tendency to get out of hand and off subject very quickly. No matter what Dan says, someone on the forum will be willing to dissect it and interpret it anyway they want to. He is damned if he does/doesn't. In the past Dan has been crucified for making statements. I understand why he is gun shy. I too agree, LOR needs to ride the tide and make changes. However, if you are not in the software industry you have little understanding of the complexities. While I am frustrated with their software advances, LOR has attempted to keep it's current users compatible through the years. Backward compatibility is key to preserving a user base. Sure they could completely re-write a different tool and charge you for it. Then there would be squawking about how "they abandonded us". A company attempting to blend the best of, user data IP preservation, and advances in innovation, is a difficult and lengthy balancing act. Nutcracker (and I am not picking on Sean) has no legacy to worry about. Even Madrix had problems from M2 to M3 compatibility. What I am trying to say is, cut LOR a break. They keep quiet because it is the least of 2 evils. Give Dan a chance like Tim stated, to generate a proper response. Safe to say, Dan is very keen on the currents of their customer base. Sorry, I will get off my soapbox now
  12. Last year the LOR forum members chipped in and awarded a free controller to one lucky newbie family and accessories to another. Read that thread here http://forums.lighto...er-kind-of-ccf/ Lets continue this gift for another year and help make some memories for a newbie family. This is only for first year animated show newbie families with kids to get them started please. Newbie families please feel free to apply for the scholarship by making a post here of why you need a controller or lights from LOR! A Funny story is good and sappy is even better! Pictures of your kids are encouraged. The application period will end on Sunday August 12, 2012. Advance apologies to those who come upon this late and miss it. The plan is to award the controller by the end of August. Determining who is awarded the scholarship(s) will be up to the admin (Bob-O) and the donors but we will listen to advice. A full accounting of all funds will be provided to any donors. I have started it off with $40. Anyone who would like to chip in $10 or whatever please paypal me itsmebobo at yahoo dot com. No public posts will be made by me about who has donated but you may post about your own contribution if you wish. Records will be kept to assure the concerned this is not scam. If for some reason the scholarship is not awarded, all donations will be returned.
  13. I know its not perfect but if you want it it is free... just send me a e mail and I will share it with whoever wants to see it. It is better viewed on full screen as the video is a little small because it is of my Vis file. retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com
  14. Captured about 40% of my takedown and put away with some time lapse photography. 85k lights, LOR, RGB all down and tucked away.
  15. Got me thinking do I need a pair of gloves MMmmmmmm
  16. Dcroc


    Yup....Sarge is a stand up guy.
  17. Oh man. Agree with the others. You must know the number, large or small. But if you have the CLAP (like I do), don't forget to add in the various LED on lights. Like the (2) on my speakers for example.
  18. Some may have read my complaining over the problems I've had getting things running right this year. Then, a few minutes ago I get this email, and it kind of snaps my head back on straight. Dear George, THANK YOU again for the awesome light and music display!!! I visited with you briefly on Friday evening when there was a little trouble with some of the lights. You said to come back. You said you’d be working on the lights on Saturday and try to get them all working. (What was working on Friday was still awesome!) I told you how I wait for this and anticipate it already starting in July. I said we’d be back on Sunday evening with more family / friends. Well, this evening we came back! I was in the back of the van when my friend went out to put our donation in the box, and she got to talk to you. There were seven of us that came out from St. Cloud / Sartell to enjoy the lights and music. If you total our ages we have over 480 years — and yet we still felt like little children as we oooh-ed and aaah-ed over all the colorful lights and how they went with notes at the split of a second. It is truly AWESOME! Thank you, George!!! Sue
  19. I think the easiest way is to stand straight up and point the camera down... +1 on Windows Movie Maker. So simple even a Texan can do it... Angleton, eh... home of the Brazoria County Fair. I carry fond memories...
  20. Nut Rocker by TSO. The link is a video of the sequence. 96ch. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=721370741207637&set=vb.448590921818955&type=3&theater
  21. A situation recently came up with our display. Our landlord where we have lived for four years had plans to sell us the house in 2022. However now that the market is up around here he wants double what the house appraises for so unfortunately both us and our display is going to have to move in August of 2020. We sadly notified everybody on our shows Facebook page 2 weeks ago. It wasn't until then we realized just how many people were highly upset about the display moving and how many people our show really touched each year. From parents of special-needs children, autistic children and some people that just told us our display is their holiday tradition to visit each year. We have been getting lots of support messages and people vowing to follow our displays no matter where we go. We also have one person who reached out to us that is having a new home built and wants us to rent out their current home so they don't have to sell it. Their time frame for building gives us the perfect opportunity to rent their pool home which is much larger than our current home and gives us a much better viewing area with no HOA as the house is on the outskirts In citrus hills and no neighbors across the street or on the sides of us. Shockingly it's actually right down the road from another display house in citrus hills that another forum member on here has which would be a total upgrade for us. It's one of the nicest areas in our county to live in and is much higher end homes It's not set in stone yet but this really shocked me since it was just somebody who has come to visit our lightshow and come to find out we actually talked to them before and had no idea who they were just thought they were a happy viewer. You never know who is visiting your display and what could possibly come of it. For that opportunity to arise it really made me sit back and think about how many hours go into this and how it really touches people. I do these light shows as my way of just giving back and letting other people enjoy it but it's nice to know that others are so deeply affected by what we do. nothing is set in stone yet but this gives us a wonderful opportunity as well as lets us know just how much people really appreciate what we do.
  22. I had nine kids cry and was told off by one parent, overall a successful Halloween. 😁
  23. We let our extension cords grow wild. You all would be horrified if you saw them. Green cords, white cords, orange cords, red/white cords. All running willy-nilly all over the yard like a web built by a spider doing coke. The only cords we have labeled are the ones that are directly connected from a prop to the controller.
  24. There is nothing to troubleshoot as that is what the lights are supposed to do. When you turn on red they become red then you turn them off. If you turn on blue without turning off red then the colors will mix, this is how you get all the other colors with RGB. If you turn on red you will get red, when you turn on green the colors mix and you get yellow, when you turn on blue all colors mix and you get white.
  25. Isn't it the parents job to deal with a child's fears whether they be real or imaginary? This is the problem these days everyone wants everything around them to change to fit their needs if they don't like it. If you take that down because this lady can't talk to her child and explain that is a fake piece of plastic and that's nothing more than decoration, maybe even have her or him touch it so she or he understands that it's not going to hurt them, then you're a part of the problem that we have with this PC correctness and other nonsense that's going on today. This is still a free country and everybody should be able to have their own likes and dislikes without forcing others to conform to their wishes. Just like somebody's probably going to jump in and blast what I said and that's their right.
  26. I found a solution to a problem and I wanted to share my solution. The problem is that my front porch light is very visible from the street. Over the years I keep turning the intensity down (it's on a LOR channel), and it's still too bright. The solution is that I installed a piece of cardboard in the light fixture so that the light is completely blocked towards the street and unblocked towards the house. Now I can leave the porch light on at a useful intensity and not have it shine brightly towards the street. The photo below does not really do it justice, but you will notice that you don't see any direct light from the porch light, but you can see the shadow from the wreath on the front door being cast on the wall. Took about 10 seconds to install the cardboard, and will take about that long to remove it after the season is concluded.
  27. I'm not sure I can answer that as all I've ever had has been the advanced (now Pro) license level. All one needs to do is create the effect you want in the first cell of your chase, then select the number of channels and the length of time you want the chase to occupy and then push the H key. It actually takes less time to do than it took to write the description. Self-serving note: Sequence U teaches all this and more. Classes begin next Sunday.
  28. This is the first year I have used Windows 10 for my show computer and I have an issue that others might also have. This forum has been so helpful over the years I thought I would give back with the solutions I have found. The problem is Windows 10 does automatic updates to its operating system when it wants to and this often results in a reboot of the system. Even if this reboot does not take place during the show, it leaves the PC waiting for the user to login. If you don't notice this when the next show is suppose to starts, it won't because you haven't logged in. I have three solutions for this. First, set your "active hours" to include your show times. Windows will not update your PC during your active hours. This can be done by going to Settings (right click on the task bar and select Settings) select Update and Security and select Change Active Hours. Note, you can have a maximum of 12 hours active. Second, if you want to stop Windows from doing any updates (and I don't necessarily recommend this) you can go into the network settings and set your WIFI connection to metered. If a WIFI connection is metered, Windows will not download any updates, instead it will notify you that updates are available and you can manually download them when you want. Do this by going into Settings and selecting Network and Internet, select Show Available Networks and select your network and select properties. The last property is Metered Connection. Set this to On. Finally, you can have Windows automatically log you in after a reboot so that the reboot can happen without your intervention. This can be done by holding down the Window key (the button that has the Windows logo on the bottom left corner of the keyboard) and typing R. In the window that pops up type: NETPLWIZ and select OK. At the top of this new window is a box that is checked that says "user must enter a user name and password". Uncheck this and select OK. it will prompt you for your user name and password that will be used to automatically login from now on. I am using the first and third solution and it seems to be working well.
  29. Has anyone else noticed that when you say you have something to share or that you have worked on a new seq there is a long line of people asking for it but then when you share it very few ever say thanks after they get it and also that most of the ones asking for the shared things never seem to have anything to share in return, and that most of them are the same ones over and over all the time? Just seems to be something I noticed.. Many of us have spent a lot of hours and time doing things that we don't mind sharing and most of the time no all but more people do not ever say thanks for sharing it or say ow they liked or didn't like it or offer any constructive criticism or there version of the same thing after tweaking it??.. Even a newbie like I am would like to receive a little pat on the back once in a while.. And I am sure there are a lot that have shared things here that does a much better job then I do have not been told thanks for a lot of their hard and time consuming work to. Many times in different places... I say thank you for the help that all the old timers and to all who have helped me in the past... and that still help me pout when I am having a problem with something.. and to all the ones who have shared their work with me. There are some people ready to jump in and criticize someone for asking about something that was answered three or four of even 5 years ago instead of offering a good explanation or telling them where it was answered in the past... Not Everyone uses the same terminology when searching for something and there are some who always seems to be ready to say.... search harder... it was answered way back in 2010 if you look for it....
  30. The worst part about it is that the need to grow appears in two ways: - You buy more lights, find a way to use them, so you need more controllers. - You buy an extra controller, then you realize that you could USE those channels and then you need to buy more lights. -Scott
  31. I wanted to share our new props from our 2015 show. We did Snoopy and The Red Barron and in parts of that song "town" bells go off. My wife asked while watching my visualizer as I was programming it if I could make bells since I make all of our display elements. I don't know how to weld so I made them out of 1/2 PVC. I used a heat gun to soften them and borrowed a spring tool my electrician brother in law has to bend without kinks. I was looking for something to use as a template to get the curve I wanted when I noticed my hand truck. In the first picture you see it is attached to the hand truck with zip ties as I bent it around. I then flared it out, let cool, then flared down deciding on a cut point then used elbows to form the bottom and t-fittings to allow for the bell dinger/dong to be glued in place. I then painted them (4) black and used CDI's gold/yellow M6 50 count to string them. I obviously had extra so I just used black out caps. I had these in a real tree positioned as if they were ringing and tried not to be exactly straight up and down. Please feel free to copy my idea and I hope you like them. If you want to see them in action, I have the video on our website: www.saunderschristmaslights.com Later, Al
  32. 2112? Most annoying thing to program? The Wife.
  33. I have this simple philosophy to the haters..."I don't care, I do what I like."
  34. I'll add my comment in the cost of purchased 12 & 16 string sequences. I bought five of Brian's sequences last year. As sources for 12 & 16 string sequences go, Brian is one of the more expensive sources - AND WORTH EVERY PENNY! I figure that provided I could even come up with creativity to imagine doing what Brian does (and I couldn't), it would easily take me 100 hours or more to duplicate one of his sequences. That would make my savings by attempting to write a sequence under a dollar an hour. My time is too valuable to waste that way. I have recently been adapting Brian's Wizards In Winter to my yard. That means I have to modify his 6 channel star to my 1,080 channel star, and then add a couple thousand additional channels. i have not added it up, but I have 25 to 30 hours into the project. That's plenty. For me, I will buy most of the sequences and then largely add in the rest of my yard. BTW, one other advantage of buying a couple sequences from the pros is it makes it easier to learn how certain effects are created.
  35. Off topic but funny story: I love to cook. If you have run into me at Expo, it shows For the last year I have been studying Japanese Cuisine - yes there is more than just Sushi! I found a great little Japanese Grocery store in town - it's about the 1/2 the size of a gas station convenience store. It's jam packed with awesome ingredients and run by an older Japanese woman who is whip-smart but English is not her first language. My Obasan! The other day I'm in there and I drop close to $100 on stuff. I make a comment about how she's making me go broke with all these new things to try. She gives me the thumbs up and says 'Steak tonight!'
  36. Go to Its Me Bob-O Software downloads http://itsmebob.com/SD.html Get the clipboard flipper.
  37. I can tell ya, 64 channels is not beginner level. It's a good amount of channels for a really nice display. And 3 or 4 songs (or not much more) is just fine. A 10 minute or so show is still good. Many folks will enjoy it. I think your underestimating the amount of channels and songs you will have. I will agree with others. Try to get her a little involved. Now. I am going to ask. What is another song your wife really, really, really likes? I will create/donate a sequence of it for you to add to your show, at no cost. But don't tell her. Keep it a surprise. A little Christmas present for you and the wife You can PM me if you like. We can exchange emails there if you want. And lastly, welcome to the world's craziest forum, members and hobby.
  38. To add to what George said, just click anywhere on the grid and it will make it the active pane on your desktop. Then use the space bar. I don't think I would want to bash the software provider in my second post though, especially before trying to get an answer for your question. Just a thought.
  39. This is my first year. Here are a few things that might help a Newbie starting next year. Two of the overwhelming topics below are planning and time. You cannot do enough of one and you will need more of the other. I know now why I saw so many post from veterans mentioning starting their setups in October and early November. If the info below helps one next year newbie, then it will be worth the time it took to recollect and type it. If you have experiences please share them... Merry Christmas to all! zeighty Some background: 1 1602w Controller 1 CTB16PC Controller FM Transmitter - Fail Safe - FS-CZH-05B (works great by the way) USB485 adapter S3 ver 3.9 (upgrade after Christmas show) LED lights - a few M6 mostly C6 Lights Don't assume those that you already own will work. Test all of your strings before hanging. Buy quality LED fully rectified strings - the difference is very significant (brighter, dimmable, etc). Mine came from Holiday Size decision: I thought my dozen or so M6 were going to be significantly different from C6. Hard to see the difference in my show from 40 feet away. i Prefer C6 (7 & 9) over M6 When connecting 2 shorter strings, be sure to overlap the gap created by the lead in and out wire; use wire ties When doing your setup and unpacking lights from bags, do not accidentally throw away a 100 White light string Controllers / Physical layout Design your physical layout early. Your logical layout you had to do to sequence properly, but your physical layout is very different. I over simplified mine in my head. Have a plan and only change it if he is absolutely necessary. I could have saved a lot of time had I decided to mount my controllers on the side of my house before setup day. Controller placement is important in many aspects. Safety, security and convenience. Had I completed #2 I would not have to add extension cords to most every single channel I am running, This was a "kill joy" moment for me. Almost every cable was 7-8 feet short. Over $70 in 15' extension cords required to fix this problem. This should be at the top of this post. PLAN! PLAN! & PLAN! Then just when you think you have it... review and revise your PLAN again and again, before setup date gets here. Setup day and Supplies Wire and vampire taps - If you plan as noted, you may be able to purchase exactly what you need. There is a little know fact that you will not know exactly what you need until you need it. I thought for 32 channels 500 feet of SPT 1 and 25 vampire taps would be enough. Now that I have used around 850 feet of wire and had to sacrifice some old cords to get plugs and outlet ends. In addition to buying enough, by high quality vampire taps. Make sure you are buy the right ones for your wire. SPT1 taps will not work with SPT2 cable. The insulation is too thick. Time - Hopefully you budgeted your time better than I did. It took me over 6 hours to wire my lights. That's not hanging them. Just running the power cables. I only have 32 channels (and 4 channels are not being used). Time - If you planned properly (which by now you know that I did not), you will have your audio gear not only available, configured and ready, but also exactly where it will be for the season. On the floor, perhaps a table or desk? Time - what ever time you budget to do what needs to be done, double it. If you are planning to be out of town for thanksgiving, be sure to plan for your absence. Nothing like thinking about your schedule and when you can get everything setup while you should be enjoying your time with family and friends. Tools - Be sure you have the necessary tools available including those to cut your wire and wire ties. Neatness - Be sure to remove the labels on your light strings. nothing like the light from across your yard reflecting off the white or silver tags on the "dark side". May not bother you, but to me it just looks unprofessional to leave them.
  40. Like he said, SHE SAID YES! As promised, here is the rough footage of the lights! The girl I had on camera missed the first section of the song and the video I played before the lights started, but I'm working on taking all the raw footage and making a full proposal video. It was just really dark and we had a little rain. Even if my video of the proposal didn't turn out exactly how I wanted, the lights and the proposal went off without any problems! But here is the link for most of what I was able to do with the equipment dgrant allowed me to use. I can't thank him enough for all his help!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCctLw41eZA&feature=youtu.be
  41. http://youtu.be/AfYi-QuJ5G4 I seen this on Facebook and had to put it here. I think it is awesome. 2 thumbs up to the Little Creek Vol. Fire Department.
  42. I use the first song to do a visual check of each display element. Here's the one which will be filling that role this year: https://vimeo.com/61758111
  43. Hello all, This is a video of the RGB highlights from my display last Christmas. Because there aren’t too many RGB videos out there (at least that I could find), I thought I would consolidate a bunch of my different RGB house effects into one video. Didn’t spend much time editing so it’s pretty choppy, but shows a lot of effects. Among the 17 songs I did this year were a couple 8 or so minute music collages with 15 second snippets of various songs. I thought this worked out really well in that I could demo a lot of different effects by switching effects every 15 seconds. It gave a lot of flexibility to try different things. The house has 900 pixels with C9 covers using LOR S3 with E1.31. In the sequence editor, the 900 pixels were copied into different groups which were then rearranged from left to right, top to bottom, inside to outside, radar screen, rainbow, by segment and several chases. After all this work, the sequencing went pretty easily. Bottom line: RGB is awesome and I hope this gives others a few ideas to try. Enjoy. Kent
  44. Mounting from behind might work well for country strobes or farm strobes, but mine are city strobes and they prefer the more traditional positions.
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