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  1. ***STOP UPGRADING TO S5*** If you are currently using S4 then please wait to upgrade until after this Holiday Season. Too many posts starting "I just upgraded to S5". S5 is totally different then what you are use to using and you will not learn it fast enough to run a good show this year. Run your show with what you have been using in the past then upgrade next month. This will give you a full year to learn the new software and work the bugs out of your show. No sense in going through all the frustration now and risk the chance of your show not playing. You have been warned.
  2. The pixel tree is elsa singing you need a pixel tree to use this sequence if you dont want sing part I can Provide the LMS Everyone that is requesting a copy type in your request the following words. Anyone found selling or sharing on any forum will be reported to LOR staff as well as wherever it is being sold or shared. "I would like a copy sent to insert email address" "I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share". James and JR will not share another sequence without that statement. A similar statement and instructions on using our sequences is included with the sequence. Thank you for agreeing and understanding. Integrity will keep the free ones free.
  3. I've watched it, but don't really like the direction that the show has taken. Everything seems to be about the tear jerk story, and not about the lights. Competing different styles of show against one another (static, vs amusement park, vs animated, vs synchronized) makes no fair comparison.
  4. The bottom line with HOA's is that it all comes down to the written rules. Most Covenants will state if and/or when Holiday decorations can be displayed. If the homeowners do not like the rules they can A.) move, B.) round up their neighbors and fight the HOA, or C.) get elected to the Board and change the rules. Me personally I chose C. I was elected to my HOA back in 2013 because I didn't like many of their rules and thought many were outdated, so I decided it was time for a change. When you move into a HOA community you sign a contract at closing agreeing to the rules, don't complain if you don't like them.
  5. Amazon for 500's. These are power supplies you have to put inside a box, they are not weather proof or resistant. Look up 12V 500 watt switching power supply for ccd cameras. That should get you some Amazon hits. You can get other sizes there as well JR
  6. k6ccc

    What's Next!

    MOST smart pixels these days are three wire ( V+, V-, and Data ). There are some that also have a Clock wire. As the ducks said, all dumb RGB are four wire - and NOT controlled by any pixel controller.
  7. I am very late, but I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!!! IT WORKS!!!! I almost cried, no joke. Your tutorial was super easy to follow. I deleted the S5 and downloaded the S4. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!
  8. Well you may have at least one option over it being a "boat anchor", LOR usually has a buy back program {if they still have it?} that allows you to get a discount toward the purchase of a new controller. yes, it will cost you some money, but wouldn't it be worth the discount exchange over just having a boat anchor? Personally, too me, as long as the unit works, it's NEVER too old, but when it dies and may not be repairable once LOR gets it and sees whether anything can be done, then it's time to take advantage of the buy back discount program, as I would think this would still apply. But the folks at LOR would have to really chime in on the buy back discount exchange program on a non-repairable controller. LOR is usually fantastic with their customer service, even when you buy used equipment from another person or happen to gain things from an estate sale or inherit them from a family member that may have been in the hobby.
  9. Roll back to 5.2 .4 and manually create the playback files then use that for the show player. Some motion effects wont work. If the loredit file wont open in 5.2.4 you're out of luck.
  10. I don't know if I'd say that exactly/ I've been running S5 since it first came out and every version of S5 has been a totally different beast than what 5.3.10 is. I don't have enough time to type all that is wrong with 5.3.10.
  11. Please stop trying to do this. DON'T use two MP3's as your only two controllers. Just don't. You mentioned in your last thread about this that you have a 1602Wg3 as well. Use that and one director. I can't stress this enough. STOP doing this. You are making things hard on yourself, and everyone else who is trying to help. You have two controllers in your display. I know of no logical reason why you would try and use two MP3's on the same network.
  12. The first thing you would need to do is upgrade your license to Pro if getting into pixels. Second you need to decide how you want to run them, LORs RS485 or E1.31. RS485 Pros - Cheaper controllers (Pixie series), easy to configure, longer distances (4000') Cons - Slower network speeds, smaller networks E1.31 Pros - Much faster network speeds, larger networks Cons - Controllers more expensive, shorter networks (300'), networking knowledge a plus. Some tutorials can be watched here: http://www1.lightorama.com/tutorials/
  13. It doesn't matter. But if you're using 2 networks, then you select the Comm Port that controller is on, then in the HU you will have to refresh on Comm 1 for example being network 1, Comm 2 would be network 2 and would need to refresh again, once you select the 2nd comm port the 2nd network uses. Your Comm ports may NOT be the same as my examples, they could be Comm3 and Comm 4 as an example. With 2 networks, you will NOT see both controllers at the same time in the HU, matter of act, you will never see more than ONE Controller at a time in the HU. Each change of the network comm port requires a refresh each time to find the controller on that network. As for the cat5 jack in the controllers, either one can be input or output, it doesn't matter as they are paralleled in the controller, and both jack either are an input or output, input if only one cat5 is connected, when the 2nd cat5 is connected, whichever cat5 jack you plugged it into becomes the output jack, Well, I've got to head out to Church now. Be back later and will check back {around 2pm-3pm} if you have any other questions.
  14. I can't see myself doing it just because it is The Ohio State. 😁 Just kidding, I don't have S5 or I would do it.
  15. Jr Boy your fast, appreciate the sequence, I am just fixing little things now that the show is running and cleaning up stuff that went awry during the last 6 weeks. I will get your sequence into my show and surprise my wife and one of the grand daughters hopefully Saturday. My son sent a audio of the grand daughter singing the hippo song in the shower the other day and I thought I will surprise her during our Saturday fire pit in the driveway. The grandkids love giving out candy canes to the cars coming for the show and this new sequence is sure to surprise her. I can hear her now singing I want a Hippo LOL. Thanks again my friend, I will let you know how it goes. Keith
  16. Boring--Lordy--let's buy nine truck loads of lites throw them every where. The static ones had no flow ,it was just lites every where , not much programed to Holiday music. What does Micky Mouse have to do with Christmas ,just a question. Where do they get all those people to stand in the street? I have watched on and off but havent yet seen one display that makes me go WOW. The tear jerk thing is true , before long some one will say Granddmaw didn't get run over by a reindeer she ran off with him and left Grandpaw asleep in his strato lounger, and she took the fruit cake recepie -DAMN
  17. Overall, I feel the same about the show. There is NO WAY I could compete, I simply don't have the yard. I think it would a good idea to create "tiers" of sizes and types of displays. And I'd like to see more about the setup and what really went in to setting it up. But most of the home improvement type shows have gotten away from that and only want to show you the finished product. And don't get me started on what America's Got Talent has become.
  18. LOL, if you post a pic you know someone like Ducks is going to call you on it. 🤣
  19. 3 videos on my Dropbox link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/krmgnb4sglfqsc0/AADo4n5LYcCh4-ELfnT4Qoq9a?dl=0 First video clip just shows the back roof, being a corner house I wanted to have lights shown from different sides. The second video is side view just shows my hedge and wall lights (are not controlled). Can’t forget my Ho’s. Last video is front view of the house during a sequence for a minute. My street is at a T intersection so I have 3 tune to signs to cover any direction of traffic coming to see the display. 32 ac channels. Pixie 4 for arches. 26 inflatables. Fm transmitter inside and a soundbar mounted outside.
  20. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/krmgnb4sglfqsc0/AADo4n5LYcCh4-ELfnT4Qoq9a?dl=0 first short video just shows the back roof, being a corner house I wanted to have lights shown from different sides. The second video is side view just shows my hedge and wall lights (are not controlled). Can’t forget my Ho’s. Last video is my front view of the house during a sequence for a minute. 32 ac channels. Pixie 4 for arches. 26 inflatables. Fm transmitter inside and a soundbar mounted outside.
  21. First, there is zero reason why you should have two 1602Wg3MP3's connected together. (Note for technical folks, I'm not talking about the N4-G4-MP3) Seriously ... don't try this. It's only complicating things for you. Quit trying to over complicate things. That having been said, the following configurations should work. LOR1602Wg3-MP3 <-> LOR1602Wg3-MP3 LOR1602Wg3-MP3 <-> LOR1602Wg3 LOR1602Wg3-MP3 <-> LOR1602Wg3 <-> LOR1602Wg3-MP3 This configuration should NOT work. LOR1602Wg3-MP3 <-> LOR1602Wg3-MP3 <-> LOR1602Wg3 Thus when connecting MORE than two together the second (third, fourth, etc.) controller must be a LOR1602Wg3. The LOR1602Wg3-MP3 should be located at the physical end of the line. (Technical folks: If running dual networks on a LOR1602Wg3-MP3, then this would have to be the start and end point of each network. If course, if you lose the main controller in a dual network config, you'd have to move things around.) If you just want to make sure the controllers work, then only connect two of them together. If you want to have some sort of 'hot spare' in place ready to go with little reconfiguration, make sure the LOR1602Wg3-MP3's are bookends of the physical connections.
  22. Labeling everything has drastically decreased the amount of time it takes to set things up. When I don't label something and put it away, the biggest lie I tell myself is "I'll remember what that went to the next time I use it." Most my cords are bundled in groups of 3 since I use Red, Green, and White strands. I have put a piece of colored (red, green, or white) electrical tape near each end of each cord to make plugging the right color strand of lights to the correct output.
  23. Red is the best unless you are connecting ONLY Easy Light linkers to your PC (they need the one that supplies power). That is not needed if there is a controller just before the ELL) By all means, follow JR's directions and then later tag the adapter with its COM#/assigned network name if not 'Regular' (folk with more than adapter1,need to keep track of which is what to make life easier). HU can detect the Com# (what is not really important EXCEPT for matching adapter <> LOR Net name NEVER plug a cable into the adapter that is connected to a Standard Ethernet Router/Switch/Computer.. Smoke may happen 😪 The Connector is the only similarity
  24. In the S5 Sequencer interface if you want to edit something you double click on it. So to edit the sequencing you have done double click on the white bar and superstar will open with the data in it. But you are not the first one to not be able to figure that out. In the next release the Sequencer will pop up a message if you do a single click on the white bar. The message advises you that you will erase the currently saved data and if you want to edit the data you should do a double click on the data.
  25. Board was in a box that HC sells. Not sure if it is UL approved for fire. Picture is after I removed from the box. Since I was in the process of connecting everything up I did have the box open up. I am going to mount the new one in a metal electrical junction box. Ducks, thanks for the info on the voltage and fuses.
  26. That is correct. A Pixie16 or Pixcon16 uses 16 Unit ID's, a Pixie8 uses 8 and so on.
  27. WHEW, Sunday morning 7:15 am was on the roof ,got all three of the mounts up and cross member done and hung the 5 led snow flakes, each has two colors of led rope ,blue and white. Took a tumble after getting off the 12 foot ladder and banged my left knee, the leg I just got out of the hospital for. Yeah its black and blue and sore,I am on heart meds so one little bump and i look like I have been is a brawl. The front of the house is mostly done ,Just have the big hedge to trim and then add 20 sets of nets , and put up a 7 foot wire tree that is wired with blue leds. THis year I have 32 more channels now 64 and That used up a 500 foot reel of spt1 added to what was left over from last year. Sunday night test every thing worked but one snow flake on the roof wouldnt light the white rope, went nuts OMG something wrong with the controller ,panic, I knw the snowflake worked. Monday 7:05 am up to the roof with a ac cord to test , it worked , with my toner and meter found the vampire plug at the controller was defective changed and back in business. The FM transmitted is up ,speakers hidden in the bushes played a cd while working in the front yard, neighbore were putting up their lights and they said turn it up , we rocked out all day. Did test last night and noticd the blue nets kind blink a little during fade HMMMMM what could that be , I have three controlles pluged into a strip and in one outlet ,may try seperating them ,keep ya posted. Looks like we will be ready forThanksgiving night. Better get that hedge trimed, Good luck yall be safe out there . It's 67 degrees here in fort lauderdale, had to put on long sleeve shirt and pants golly !!!!! David
  28. Thank you again JR!!! Your sequences are FLAWLESS! You definitely get it! Very cool you help so many people out like that! Lights feel like a fading tradition where I live and thanks to guys like you and James we have a chance to keep it alive! YOU DA MAN! Jim
  29. I bought this same kit, it will arrive tomorrow. I’m expecting to set the pixie tree up, hook everything up and I expect this tso sd card to just run it... including the pixel tree. If not I’ll be reading and watching videos and regretting this I’m afraid.
  30. I'm in Ada. I'm going to start small and just do two or three songs. I've watched some videos and think I have a handle on getting my first show up and going. As well, I have a friend who just started with LOR last year who can help.
  31. My 5.3.10 files opened fine in 5.2.4, except for 2 sequences that had motion gif motion effects. I removed the gifs and they opened fine. There may be other gotcha's, can't say for sure, but it works for me. To be safe, once you open the file in 5.2.4, don't overwrite the loredit, just create the playback files, and always have a backup strategy. Prepare for the worst, but hope for the best.
  32. yep - keep all one color IMO - don't alternate....
  33. I tried a few ways to share. But have been unable. You must declare you live with me to be on my family account.
  34. The weather finally rose above freezing today, so I only had to tromp through about 7" of mushy snow. So, I started really getting items up on the house today. The only house props left are the two giant candy cane clocks on each side, so straightening and then the wiring. Next weekend is supposed to be even nicer, so hopefully all gets done by then. I didn't put up the canes because we are supposed to get quite the rain soaker on Thursday evening. I'll get the yard props up during the week before the rain, hopefully. Here's where I am at so far.
  35. MichRX7, Sorry for the delayed response. I used LEDs from Amazon and Homedepot tomato cages with ZIP ties. They looked at me like I was insane asking for tomato cages in Dec! Blaine
  36. You can't open .SEQ files, only .LMS or .LAS files are recognized by the Editor in any of the LOR Software Suites. You would need the original .lms and/or .las files to be able to edit them. Without those, I'm sorry to have to say, you're out of luck on modifying any sequence that has been written to an SD Card. It uses a completely different format than the Editor in any version of the LOR Software Suite.
  37. Yes, run 2 (or more) networks (16 port Pixies need the speed) of the Red kind for Pixies. You have 2400 channels PER. Pixie. You might get away with 1 Red if you don't do really rapid/effect changes Use your old black as before. Who is 'Regular' is just what you set. the New one will probably be AuxA,(AuxB) The network configuration tool MAPS Con# to LOR Networks. (We really don't care what Com gets used as long as it maps to the LOR Network connected to the controller assigned)
  38. I don't have the $$$$$$$ to fight this (it was not a actual problem). There are so many ways around those laws. A BUILDING PERMIT is needed for a Flag Pole (this was a real blocking method. Someone els had to REMOVE their unpermitted pole AND pay a huge fine). The Dish wires must be hidden: (Building permit needed to modify structure or HOA needs to approve the mods...Not gonna happen. You might MOUNT the dish, but it is unusable without wires ) I love where I am now. I see more flags flown every day than I saw on Flag day in my old town. 👍
  39. Well due to some prodding from the wife, neighbors and friends, I am putting up a 2019 Christmas Display. So far I have my Blow Molds mounted and some connected to the 1st CTB16PC Controller, have to get my Blow Mold candles connected to the 2nd Controller as well as power run to it. Also hoping to get some Pixel Bullets up on the front corners of my house. Not doing a roof line this year, since my roof line CCB's have had far too many failures in their bulbs, some missing one color, some missing2 or more colors, so they just aren't usable and repairing them is out of the question, so those 2 RGB Controllers will be used for Back Up Controllers if needed. Was hoping to try and finish up today {Thursday 11/14/2019}, but the weather casters BLEW IT AGAIN, stated it would be raining starting at 5pm, well got up at 6am this morning to go out and start checking on what I needed to do, and at 6:30AM it started raining. It's a mild chill in the air here in Florida, but very comfortable to be working outdoors, just not today! And of course I just had to make ONE DUMB mistake this year during set-up, fortunately I caught that before it started raining and no wet dew this morning, so than God I found my BLUNDER before a Controller would have gotten soaked out internally. Yes, my DUMB mistake and hope it's the only one for this year, was I ran the Cat5 cable from the front CTB16PC Controller to the CTB16PC Controller in the back, well I forgot and left the back CTB16PC Controller lid wide open ALL NIGHT, found it first thing when I went out this morning and corrected it after checking for critters inside and any wetness, thankfully it was BONE DRY and it was too chilly for any reptiles {Lizards} to be active, so the Controller was dry and clear, fortunately it was also UNPOWERED, so that could have been a disaster if rain would have come sooner and the unit had power to it. But I haven't ran power to it as yet. So I won't get anything done outside today at all, since it's supposed to rain all night and into Friday morning. I have chuch on Friday morning and evening, so won't get a thing done outside until Saturday. So today, since it's raining EARLIER than expected, I'll spend updating my sequences to the new 2019 set-up and maybe add in a few additional songs once the otehrs have been updated. So, just wanted you folks to know, I am putting up a Christmas Display for 2019. {Our lawn folks won't be doing anything for the next 3-4 months, so I don't have to worry about them for awhile!} So the 2019 Christmas Show is ON!
  40. For 2019, I had all my usual Halloween songs, plus I managed to sequence and add two more: Sucker by the Jonas Brothers, and because I live in the Washington DC area, Baby Shark by PINKFONG in honor of the Washington Nationals. This video for baby Shark was made using my cell phone, then brought in to iMovie where I added the titles and overlayed the audio for clarity. The link for Baby Shark: https://youtu.be/mcidYoK3tCA You can follow this show at www.facebook.com/woodleahillslights
  41. That is exactly what I had to do years ago. My old 16 channel boxes simply could not live on the same network as Pixels. One thing to note: The USB-RS485B is certainly capable of 500K speeds. I have about 5 networks in my display - some enhanced (pixels) and some not (16 chan controllers) - and each uses the little black cube.
  42. OK I am really struggling I went through all the steps 5 times now? It still isn't working. I have the new S5. I can test the lights with my E682 with out fail, but not when playing a sequence in SE. I have the endable DMX editing on and have tried multicast and unicast both to try and get them to communicate. I have tried to 1) run cat5 straight out of desktop to E682, 2) running router to network switch, switch to E682, & comp to switch. I know it is going to be something silly but any help is appreciated.
  43. For us that are not that fast, remember the "Play at half speed" option. Easier to get the placement right for your elements. Like George stated, learn the key board shortcuts. 1.O for on 2. del for off 3. u for fade up 4.d for fade down Thats only a few, too early to think right now.
  44. Any ideas on when/if LOR will offer and take advantage of a 64 bit OS? Yes, understood that they are probably accommodating older machines that only supported 32 bit OS but an installer could identify the type and select the proper output. Yes, I also understand that 64 bit requires a lot of software alterations to allow for the larger arrays(software internal), indexes and etc...
  45. I have some Led strips in the house and had a Pix 8 inside running the 2 strips. I start the show and lights are working great in the window. I then go outside and start checking everything in the front yard to make sure everything is working and plugged in. While I am in the front yard I hear our fire alarm go off and my phone starts saying "Fire". I open the front door and house is full of smoke. I look around and the room that the controller was in had the most smoke. Good part was I did not see any flames. I unplug unit and take it outside. Then start trying to get all of the smoke out of the house. Board is about 3 years old. When I go back with a new board I am going to put a fuse holder in line with the power going to the board so hopefully if something shorts out again it will kill power to the complete board.
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