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  1. After fifteen years or so, I find it necessary to get out of this hobby for health reasons. I have a large selection of LOR AC, DC, and various other controllers/components that are looking for new homes. I am not trying to sell them, but they are being offered free with only one catch, you must pick them up as I will not ship. If you know of anyone that might be interested in trying out this hobby, this might be a chance for them to get into it for minimal cost. All of the AC controllers are first generation boards in boxes with pigtails attached. Probably have about 20 AC controllers, several DC controllers, pixel controllers, 12x50 pixel tree, 24x50 and 6x50 pixel matrices, etc. I am not offering these to someone wanting to resell them, but to hobbyists who want to expand or get into the hobby. I am located in Casa Grande, AZ, midway between Phoenix and Tucson. If interested, please message me above or email at circus4u at msn.com
  2. How many reasons do you need? Returned defective product to be replaced (per previous conversation), got it back REPAIRED, returned differently than sent, one item STILL defective, expressed my displeasure using the best NAVY language I could muster. They did not approve of my assessment of his product, customer service skills, nor his parentage. In other words for being me.
  3. Hey everybody wake up 282 days till lights on ! No time to waste sleeping.although I just woke up I'm retired .
  4. 4 WEEKS !!!! 4 weeks (from yesterday) is the Central Oklahoma Mini. If you are interested in attending, please PM me and I'll add you to the invite list. We are getting a head count for charis/tables and food. So please contact me if interested. Thank you, Tom
  5. As opposed to us I guess....
  6. Take heed people, see how easy and quick that was when members fill out their profile properly? Thank you DavyPenn.
  7. HP Envy 795-0020 8th gen Intel core i7-8700 12gb ram 2 - 1tb hardrives 256 gb sata solid state drive AMD Radeon 550; RX 550 graphics 4gb GDDRS 1 48 inch monter 1 27 inch curve monter Boes spearers
  8. Central Oklahoma Mini 2019 Date: Saturday April 13th (chosen by the majority) Location: Please PM for the location if interested. Thank you. Admission: Free as always Time: 11:00 am until ??? LODGING: there are many hotels in the area which can be found with a google search. Any hotels along I-40 or I-35 in central Oklahoma are in good. Hotels in Bricktown are good if also looking for something else to do during your visit to OKC. Bass Pro Shop is there too. FOOD: Food/snacks and such will be provided. This means we eat/munch at our own pace and spend more time on the fun stuff.  FOOD: If anyone wants to make a donation or bring food/snacks, please let me know. If you’re a chef, or just like cooking/smoking/baking, by all means bring your masterpiece. Strongly recommended: Bring your projects, thoughts, ideas and especially your humor. There has been great ideas shared and posted. I would like to see those ideas in person, along with everyone else who attends. There will be an overhead projector (or two) connected to a computer (or two) for any training/sharing or showing videos of our displays. Please bring your own laptop/computer/thumbdrive if you feel the need and maybe want assistance with setting up your channels/settings and such. A soldering station will be setup for those wanting to share/see/learn a little and maybe even build/repair a few things. I have controllers with triacs I’m wanting to replace and will attempt to do this during the mini. So what would you like to see/share??? DIY? RGB strips? Pixels? Arches? Mini Trees? Mega Tree? Snow Flakes? Pixel Editor? Superstar? Controllers? Transmitters? It's endless!!! (bring your stuff to show others). If you have items to swap/trade/sell, bring those too. As mentioned earlier, there is "no cost" to attend the Central Oklahoma-Mini. There is “no schedule” to keep up with once things get started. So show up when you can and stay for however long you can. LET'S DO THIS!!!!!!!!!
  9. Time Out! If he is talking about a Pixie - that is RS-485 - NOT Ethernet. All Pixie controllers are RS-485 only, and except for the Pixie 2D (I think), they are LOR protocol only.
  10. I am adding a mega tree (pixel) for 2019 displays. Does anyone have any sequences they could share? I would like to see how it is all done. Darude, Sandstorm type songs would be preferred. I truly appreciate it. michael@hillcountrygardener.com (please do not contact me with links to paid sites. I already know about them)
  11. Here is another excited person wanting the RGB fades and ramps!! Way to GO!!!
  12. YES YES YES!!! My day will be complete!
  13. Happy to note that my landscape show is running correctly on 5.2.4.
  14. Thanks. I will sit tight with S4 then.
  15. He was just in the forum activity list, hovering over the new guys avatar. No trickery.
  16. 👍 There are bad folk that take advantages of typos of commonly visited sites to purvey p0ron and other nasties. Bookmark sights you visit frequently. STAY SAFER, Typos on our part do happen.. SOME OF THE BAD SITES LOOK VERY CLOSE TO THE REAL ONE, EXCEPT THEY JUST GOT YOUR LOGON AND PASSWORD. That is why some banks have gone to a 2 step logon.
  17. I have several pro show time controllers for sale. These are the commercial ones in the metal boxes 16 channels. I am asking 179.00 + Shipping from 34212. They range from 4 to 6 years old and work perfectly. The box weighs 20 pounds and is 18 wide by 18 long and 9 high. John
  18. Yes. It's called RDS (Radio Data System). LOR does not directly control RDS, but it CAN write data to a file that another program uses to control the RDS data. It also requires that your transmitter have RDS capability.
  19. Earle, your shows will be missed, I for one looked forward to the videos every year. Your skills are second to none!
  20. After talking to you and Joel i know they went to a good home and will make things in NC a little brighter come Christmas time. It was a nice visit and I really enjoyed every minute of it. Thank You Earle
  21. I use big print program. I paid for 30$ for it. If you need an image converted to pdf on a certain scale then just message me and I will convert it for you for free. And free for anyone that needs it done.
  22. Would love a copy of this as well James! Can't do a halloween show without an Ozzy song....LOL Thanks!
  23. I'm just scouring the web for pre-sales. New year so wife gives a new allotment for show spending. I have a lot of cash burning a hole in my pocket.
  24. I dont think I signed in here for a few days! My mind has been straying lately. Dont tell my wife.
  25. Gotcha beat JR. I'm just being lazy.
  26. folks are still in a post decorating coma. I have already started sequencing and building a few new controllers.
  27. You may want to look into a P10 based matrix That's what I did for 2018. The upper panel below is 4 panels wide by 3 panels high (128 pixels wide by 48 pixels high - 6,144 pixels). That's just over 4 feet wide by just under 20 inches high. Total cost of about $250 - NOT including enclosure. BTW, the bottom on is a P5 panel, and despite being half the number of panels, is twice as many pixels.
  28. I was actually waiting for someone to ask how to get a mouse to cooperate and pull a string through pipe - cheese at the other end might work. Or drop a snake behind him. JR
  29. This is a great event with some great people for those that can attend. Wish I could attend unfortunately I have a full plate this year. JR
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