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  1. Only you can answer that question. It all comes down to the lights you are using, how many lights and how much power they use. You will have to sit down and do a little math to figure what your requirements are going to be.
  2. I think jr needs a computer with 50 USB ports 😁 Maybe that new Pixie adapter will help him since he refuses to use E1.31 😁
  3. In S5, if you have a sequence that has a Windows command saved, when trying to play the sequence in Sequencer, the Sequencer apparently attempts to confirm that it can run the Windows command. It does not actually run the command as far as I can tell, but tries to. That is certainly not needed when sequencing. The only work around is to remove the Windows command and HOPEFULLY remember to put it back. This is particularly a pain when sequencing on a different computer than the show run on - and the command that is suupposed to be executed only exists on the show computer. Request, can you either delete the test of the Windows command when playing, or change it so that there is a popup advising that the command could not be run, but then allow playing the sequence.
  4. Sure. Two separate strings. There is nothing that says that a physical string must be built in Preview Editor as only one string. For example, the garage roof string could be a string with Controller ID 17, channels 1 - 96 and the bonus room string could be Controller ID 17, channels 97 - 168. Two totally separate strings. If you want to be able to sequence them together, build a group that contains both strings.
  5. The Preview doesn't have to look like reality. Its just to give you an idea of what's going on. I have stuff all over the place, below , above and to the sides, wherever it will fit. There just isn't room on the picture for everything. You could make a split screen by combining two pictures, above and below, or side by side, or use no picture at all. You would need to do that in an image editor. I hardly notice my picture anymore, I have it set so dim. There are zoom controls in the preview to allow you to zoom in on props, and there are zoom options on sequencer playback which do a similar thing.
  6. I just use the 12" spikes, rebar drive them in the ground and anywhere there is a connection it gets looped and ziptied to the top. The connection point is always the high point with the loop at the bottom. I also place buckets over the top of the spikes in some areas.
  7. Hello @debtoews, I sent you a PM!
  8. Ok now it makes sense why my prop was acting like it was. Thanks guys for all of your help.
  9. Are you trying to run RGB lights from an CTB16PC AC only Controller? You can't do it, and chances are you will eventually let out the magic smoke and destroy your RGB lights, as these are usually DC powered, NOT AC! You need a dedicated RGB Controller to control the colors for RGB lights, as these controllers will put out the correct DC power to light and control the lights.
  10. Here is the catch. I am sequencing under the Jim account, but the show computer runs under the lor account (both logging into the same domain). Although I have MIIP installed on the sequencing computer, I essentially never run it there, and running it under my account would put it under c:\users\jim\... rather than under c:\users\lor.... The lor account normally never logs into the sequencing computer, so there was no c:\users\lor\AppData\Local\MIIPclient directory (and under normal circumstances the jim account could not access it anyway). So the solution was to create that directory under c:\users\lor, and then give the jim account access to it. I think I could have logged in as lor on the sequencing computer and run MIIPclient, which as you said would have created the directory structure, but I would still have needed to grant access to the jim account to that directory structure. Make sense?
  11. Thanks again for JR having this class. I learn something every time. I appreciate all his time he gives us
  12. Superstar is not needed for motion effects. They are completely included with the S5 suite. Superstar is a further add on which might be useful, but it is not needed. I don't use Superstar but I do use some motion effects. I don't have a matrix but I do have a fair number of pixels on Falcon and Sandevices controllers.
  13. James and I have done a lot but you have to reply within our threads to receive them. Yes, Rob Zombie is listed. JR
  14. A lot of people use waterproof connectors either between strings, at power injection points, or just outside the controller (with a pigtail into the controller box). There are several standards that are commonly used. Any of them will work, but for the most part, standardize on one and stick with it. The exception is to use different connector standards for different voltage pixels. For example, use Ray Wu for 12 volt and xConnect for 5 volt. Personally for the most part, I don't use them at all except for my roof and eves where the lights are attached to wood or metal strips and there are connectors between each strip. I do not use connectors with pigtails to get out of the controller boxes. This page explains the difference: https://www.wiredwatts.com/learn-connectors
  15. Finally sequenced it. Here is the download link for the LMS file and here is the preview video. Preview video is kind of crappy due to recording on phone from laptop but it gives you an idea of what the sequence has. Download LMS here... Includes AC channels, Pixel arches, RGB Floods https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZgutAnl-PxPZjjUouoUWAxA_luTzcNVR Audio Link is here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xf3e6Q7PIpfGZxrxv1J9KCnWFtVGcnei/view?usp=sharing Preview video below If you make faces for this, Please share them with me. Thats all I ask. Again, Do NOT Sell the sequence, audio or any part of this. It is FREE for all to use in their displays. Alos if you download please remember to show some love and click that like button or post a comment. I will try to upload a new one each year if they continue to be popular.
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