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  1. In S5, if you have a sequence that has a Windows command saved, when trying to play the sequence in Sequencer, the Sequencer apparently attempts to confirm that it can run the Windows command. It does not actually run the command as far as I can tell, but tries to. That is certainly not needed when sequencing. The only work around is to remove the Windows command and HOPEFULLY remember to put it back. This is particularly a pain when sequencing on a different computer than the show run on - and the command that is suupposed to be executed only exists on the show computer. Request, can you either delete the test of the Windows command when playing, or change it so that there is a popup advising that the command could not be run, but then allow playing the sequence.
  2. Here is the catch. I am sequencing under the Jim account, but the show computer runs under the lor account (both logging into the same domain). Although I have MIIP installed on the sequencing computer, I essentially never run it there, and running it under my account would put it under c:\users\jim\... rather than under c:\users\lor.... The lor account normally never logs into the sequencing computer, so there was no c:\users\lor\AppData\Local\MIIPclient directory (and under normal circumstances the jim account could not access it anyway). So the solution was to create that directory under c:\users\lor, and then give the jim account access to it. I think I could have logged in as lor on the sequencing computer and run MIIPclient, which as you said would have created the directory structure, but I would still have needed to grant access to the jim account to that directory structure. Make sense?
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