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  1. And some more... https://youtu.be/VYSBrLXbM30 It's starting to make my head hurt...
  2. The song is true to form, gets stuck in your head JR
  3. I will watch. You did not mention what time zone your poll is based on. Anything on a work day makes a huge difference depending on what time zone we're talking about. I am going to assume Eastern since that is where you are.
  4. JR I also would like to join in i'm retired so any time is good for me Dennis
  5. Jr count me in what ever day you pick is ok with me just post it thank you
  6. Good point - forgot many may not have 2 computers. For those that do not have 2 computer I will share the post video. Thanks for the reminder. JR
  7. Hey everyone! I’ve been making face masks for my neighbors here in Nashville. Came across some Christmas lights fabric and figured I could make them for you all as well. They’re $10 each with free shipping. https://bit.ly/StramMade-Masks
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