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  1. Adding a 12 strip horizontal matrix (2811 strips falcon f16v3 controller ) and replacing all 12 strips on my lor ccr tree with 2811 strips and the Falcon F16v3 controller Also adding 12 23 inch candy canes from BOSCOYO , Plus just got done swapping all my 3 core waterproof pigtails to the same type .
  2. This is also true for me. Although I started in 2011. And had to take a year off in 2018. Lights back on in 2019. My first year I didnt get much response, ie traffic. how ever each year I did this more and more people came. I dont get many people where I live but word does travel fast. in 2017 my average was about 2 - 300 cars a season, I do three shows a year. The thank you's and the smiles were all worth it. I took a year off and when I came back on this year I was not getting the response that I was use to and even thought just like you, Should I just give up? are people just into it anymore? I was just down about it all. Let me tell you a story of what just changed my mind. About three days ago I was sitting on my porch watching how many people were coming by to see the show. I sat out there for 2 hrs and had only 1 car come by. Feeling down and not wanting to see anymore I went in for a shower. When I came out, my wife came up to me and told me that I had a couple visitors come by, I just figured, ok a couple more, thats cool but it didnt lift my spirits any. What my wife didnt tell me is that she told these 2 visitors to come back the next night. Well the next night, again I was sitting on my porch counting cars and yup I counted then all on 1 hand. Well I was about to go in and all of a sudden here comes about 4 cars, 2 parked on the side of my home, 1 in front and 1 pulled into my drive. This one, 2 kids got out, age, 1 was 6 and the other was 7, these two ran up to my and gave me a big hug, said thank you to me and gave me 2 PKG's of cookies. They were all smiles. They told me that they missed me last year and was hoping that I was running my lights this year. I talked to there mom and dad and they told me that they drive quite a ways to come see my show. That there mom use to live in the park that I do and that is how they knew about my shows. This was a AWESOME KIcker to me and allowed me to remember why I started and do this show. Its not the money or donations or how much I spend on my show but in fact it is the memories that I give to the kids and to the families that come and see it. This is why I do this. These 2 kids, not knowing what they did to me saved my shows. I promised them I will keep going and that I hope to see them next year. I also requested a favor from them. I asked them for a new theme for my show next year and to come up with 2 songs each and I will make it happen. Last night they came back over and gave me there list. So you see, its not the number of cars that come by, or how much I make in donations but in fact for the few that do come by I make memories that are priceless and last a lifetime. Dont give up yet, it is only your first year. Give it some time, the word will get out and my bet is in a couple of years you will be asking how some of us do traffic control because of the amount of cars that come by. Dennis Smith MackLights Toledo Ohio
  3. I too have been doing my display for many years (my parents did lots of lights really nothing like mine now but for them and me back then it was lots). when I started I have never did it for donations (my thoughts are Christmas is for the giving and this is my way of giving). However I have received so much JOY over and over from Kids and parents and grand parents, that I could not make the list as it would be soooo long but here is few 1. Email what is your address as My !00 year old Grand mother would like to see your lights again 3 years in a row 2. A boy 5 or 6 rings the door bell and hands me a hand made Rudolph made of wood thanks for doing the lights we come by no less then twice a week. 3. One year at tear down ( March) found $18.00 in a mail box prop. What to do ? their was young boy became scared of the firemen because he had a dear young friend pass away in a fire and his mind could only think that it was the fire men that made this happen. So I made arrangements for the two of us to go to the fire hall and donate the money to them at their meeting. With a lot of persuading he was able to walk into the meeting and donate. Moral of this story was not the money but to change the young boys thoughts of firemen. I still do not ask for donations smiles and happiness is all what is needed.
  4. Weig2fast4u I'm with Orville here, but I do have a neighbor who counts cars and tells us, he really enjoys that, at least till 9 o'clock then bedtime becomes more important, any way I just keep spending the time and money because of the children and most parents. I was out last night looking at the display thinking of changes for next year and a 4 year old with her grandmother walks by and comments on the lights. She is the reason for the lights, the kids hanging out the window singing to the music, walking by and watching the lights, they are the reason we do this, and I would just give it some time, people stop and comment they come by many days a week and for years and how much they enjoy the lights, keep it up and the viewers will grow each year, my wifes patients start asking about christmas lights in September and October, and then they comment for months later how they enjoyed them. She does very little decorating but takes pride in our display and street. We have been doing LOR for about 5 years I think, and decorating the street for longer, and out street has become popular and sometimes too many cars, don't try to grow too quick, you don't want to have to hire a policeman to control traffic, we are just under that and hope it never comes, my neighbor says car counts this year are down a little from last year, maybe 10-20 percent, but weekends and christmas eve we still went over 500 cars before the count stopped. The counter went to bed LOL. I believe weather had a lot to do with the lower counts this year, we have had more rain than normal, but maybe it could be other things I am not sure. We are going to keep our lights on till the Friday after new years, keep up the good work and build your display for yourself and the kids. Keith
  5. Don't count cars, don't count anything, not even the number of lights in my display. None of that is important, what's important is that your neighbors and their children enjoy it. And that YOU, yourself enjoy doing it, whether or not you get any traffic. I'm glad I don't get any traffic, parking is already a nightmare just for the residents that park on the street, adding more cars would just fuel frustration in my neighborhood. So I don't really advertise my display, I do here, but ask for a PM if anyone wants to come and check it out. Sometimes I leave my display up until Jan 6 {3 Kings Day}, and other times, depending on my mood, may take it down as early as the day after Christmas. It's whenever you feel it's time to shut it down and take it down. It's all a matter of preference for each person that does this.
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