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  1. Took a while 424 drill holes and a lot of pushing lights into holes but I think it turned out pretty nice. Huge Thanks to JR Dibble and James Morris for all the great sequences and a few assists!
  2. My sequence made it all the way to becoming an LOR YouTube video!!
  3. YVW, you see your email address was wrong but luckily I know yours by memory so I fixored it for you Enjoy JR
  4. JR thanks for the work around idea. It would seem that if you have identified the problem and what causes the problem, that LOR would be able to capture the problem and correct it so that everyone doesn't have to erase parts of the sequence to make it work MOST of the time. It was working correctly in 5.6 but that changed for 5.8 when it seems they removed the code to make the transfer easy for all purchased sequences rather then just from Superstar purchased sequences. I hope they don't take the same approach and make it harder for people to use other peoples sequences that are not from LOR store. In competitors software they are trying tp make it easier for everyone by transferring all the universe information right to the pixel controllers to make it easier for people to setup and get their shows running, I guess they have a different approach.
  5. James will send it. If you don't get my face sequence with it shoot me a message and I will send it your way. I just don't have the complete packages zipped like James does, Sent your custom sequence to you. JR
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