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  1. Ok. It’ll be this weekend when I get home. Thriller will be sent your way. Sax
  2. Ha ha. Lucky. Final cut runs only on Mac it looks like. Bummer. Thanks for sharing
  3. I would have to recommend S5 since you are starting out fresh with no knowledge of either as that is the future. Learning S5 after using S4 makes you create a new way of thinking and for many of us, myself included, it is just too much of a change to grasp at this time. Personally I prefer the S4 format so I have chosen to stay there, I may eventually choose to go to S6 😁 but for now I am staying where I am.
  4. Very nice. I was going to do this too but decided to buy this cause its plastic and should last long without any work. I took the easy way out. https://www.outdoornativitysets.com/large-christmas-sleigh-and-reindeer-set
  5. One preview, half the house on top, half on the bottom. Modify your picture in an editor, and load it in to the preview, so it ends up being half as wide and a bit taller. You can also zoom the window to make drawing easier.
  6. Steve summed this up quite nicely. I'll just add my 2 cents also 😜 Remember a Group is exactly that, a Group of props that effects can be applied to. If you put individual stars into a group, then they are no longer individual stars. They are a group, and the effects for the Group will be different from the effect on individual stars. Make sense? If you want to put effects on individual stars, then thats how you have to do it. Having said all this, there are ways to get creative with groups and individual props (stars) See the video below. Hope this helps. Alan... The video ends abruptly because I hit the stop record button instead of stop effects. oops... 😫
  7. I will put my 2 cents in, until someone with more experience adds their comments. I also ran into the same issue. I wanted the whole house to "twinkle". I defined a group and then created the twinkle effect on the group. It did not look right, so I had to go back and expand the group and apply the twinkle effect to each of the members to get what I wanted. I thought about the whole concept of groups and different effects and it does make sense how it works.For example if you want a wave effect to apply to a whole group that is different than a wave effect applied individually to each member of a group. Things like a color wash work the same on an entire group or each prop individually. So it boils down to the particular effect. Knowing this I found a good friend in the "paste special" command. Program the area you want on one member of the group and then do a copy of it. Then select the next prop in the group and its starting cell and right click to get "paste special". As an option under "repeat across all channels vertically" you select the button all the way to the end of. The drop down menu will let you select to the end of the group. This has saved me a ton of time.
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