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  1. You mean faces? Yep, my faces are included in James sequences. If you mean “dance” the Git Up Just won’t fit this song. LOL JR
  2. HMMMMM, This is my third year working with LOR- This year 64 channels and about 6,000 more LED's . I got started late for my age , My out side is 69 but my inside is a wide eyed 9 year old. I started working on this year as I took down last year , I think that is how this works. Last year we had cars stopping . Our neighborhood is small, only six house on our block. The folks that stopped made it all worth while , the smiles, the kids playing in the bubbles from the bubble machine and dancing to the music , wonderful. Several of our neighbors had ask me this summer as I was working in the yard if I was going to decorate this year, of course I said yes. Just last night we brought down 18 containters of lites to be tested ,this weekend a trip to the storage room for the props to be stored on the back patio until the roof work starts. Yes there was a slight moment when I though,gezzz this is a lot of work , but that little 9 year old kicked me in the pants and said David ,get yer butt on the roof and make people smile and filled with Christmas joy. As long as he is inside me I will continue to lite up the hood here in Fort Lauderdale. I have two post on the forum in" my display" I am DLH Lites,take a look enjoy and feel to let me know how to make it better. There will be a lot more this year, display starts thanksgiving night. Best Regards to All David
  3. Will losing that 6" REALLY make that much difference? At worst you lose a couple of pixels on each end. I bit the bullet and made mine smaller so I could use the straight pieces. The heavier PVC I used for the base cuts off a couple of pixels and the end of each arch, but I'M the only who knows, or cares. OK, and now everyone reading this knows , too.
  4. I took a year off a couple of years ago because we were taking a very large friends and family trip to WDW to see the last showings of the Osborne lights at Hollywood Studios (2015). When we got home I was already unhappy that I hadn't set it up before we left and run it for at least the last part of December, plus I had many people ask me what happened to the house display. I even heard people asking at the small party store down the street from our house what happened to the Christmas house down the street. They didn't know it was my house they were asking about, it made me smile, but also made me sad. I was surprised as we are on a not very traversed street and didn't realize how many people enjoyed them (I always wonder why I don't have street congestion like others, lol). I have not taken a year off since and will keep doing it no matter what as long as I'm physically able. This past year my youngest sons saw me slowing up a bit dragging extension cords in the cold and came out to help for the first time ever, what a wonderful surprise that was. This season we are adding my daughter's house (she is the oldest child) in the town next door. I bought her husband their first light box for Christmas last year and now he has the bug, We purchased two more boxes for them, so hopefully this continues for a long time. They are running 48 channels, but when I sequenced their songs two boxes run basically the same sequence for their trees (8 strands of red/8 strands of white on each tree). This year on my house we are going from 80 channels of LED's to adding two more boxes (32 channels) and 18 channels of dumb RGB strip lights. I have 8 of the 18 rgb props built and ready to plug in, I'm just debating the best way to do letters with the last 10 rgb channels to spell Merry C-h-r-I-s-t-m-a-s. (Feel free to message me if you've done this, lol). Adding elements always puts a little spring into my step to get it done. I've sequenced all the songs, just have to get those letters finished. I encourage you to do it as long as you can physically do it.
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