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  1. A situation recently came up with our display. Our landlord where we have lived for four years had plans to sell us the house in 2022. However now that the market is up around here he wants double what the house appraises for so unfortunately both us and our display is going to have to move in August of 2020. We sadly notified everybody on our shows Facebook page 2 weeks ago. It wasn't until then we realized just how many people were highly upset about the display moving and how many people our show really touched each year. From parents of special-needs children, autistic children and some people that just told us our display is their holiday tradition to visit each year. We have been getting lots of support messages and people vowing to follow our displays no matter where we go. We also have one person who reached out to us that is having a new home built and wants us to rent out their current home so they don't have to sell it. Their time frame for building gives us the perfect opportunity to rent their pool home which is much larger than our current home and gives us a much better viewing area with no HOA as the house is on the outskirts In citrus hills and no neighbors across the street or on the sides of us. Shockingly it's actually right down the road from another display house in citrus hills that another forum member on here has which would be a total upgrade for us. It's one of the nicest areas in our county to live in and is much higher end homes It's not set in stone yet but this really shocked me since it was just somebody who has come to visit our lightshow and come to find out we actually talked to them before and had no idea who they were just thought they were a happy viewer. You never know who is visiting your display and what could possibly come of it. For that opportunity to arise it really made me sit back and think about how many hours go into this and how it really touches people. I do these light shows as my way of just giving back and letting other people enjoy it but it's nice to know that others are so deeply affected by what we do. nothing is set in stone yet but this gives us a wonderful opportunity as well as lets us know just how much people really appreciate what we do.
  2. We have had a sleigh and several reindeer made from plywood for several years now, bought them at a garage sale so no idea how old they really are. The sleigh hasn't weathered very well so I needed to make a new one. I also wanted to make it easy to take apart and put together so we can store it indoors. The old one was all screwed together. We started with a sheet of exterior grade plywood and one of the old sleigh sides as a pattern. Which became a couple of these: And then this: I think the inspector approves First coat of primer on everything, a couple coats of white paint to come:
  3. First thing I've won in years & years.... Hopefully just started a streak...
  4. After 12 months I may finally get my life back. Finally getting my 4th and hopefully final surgery on September 27th. Get a brand new shiny hip and for the first time in 12 months I will no longer be in pain
  5. A hint - click the Intensity Icon. I know of 3 different ways to add fades to a motion effect. The newest method call Drag Edges is very handy. It is shown last in the gif below. Hope this helps... Alan...
  6. Control the kids going into a show.... :)
  7. Ai: i know what you mean. Approx 5 years ago while i was setting up my display an older Gentlemen pulled up in a mini van to tell me about my display, between puffs of oxygen from his tank he let me know my Display gave him 1 more reason to live another year, I have not seen the Man again but i will always remember 1 more year even though setting up takes time and a lot of PAIN. So don't think what we do does not matter it does to Somebody. Because it gave them 1 more Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Thanks for sharing Al. I too have had a similar story shared to me. But I didn't know the family. They left a letter in my mailbox a few years back about the passing of her father. The letter stated that our show had her father's favorite songs in it and helped her through the first year without him... She specifically mentioned Amazing Grace. Thinking about it - I might just have to dust that one off again and update it to my current setup.
  9. If this is the drive where your entire LOR data folders are located, you can run Lorpost.exe and point it to the new drive letter. Lorpost is in the c:\programs x86\ lor folder This assumes you are using S4, as your profile states.
  10. As I think a few of us do, I develop all of my shows/ sequences etc. on a faster more powerful machine and then copy them to a "show" pc I have in my garage. I generally just do a copy of the entire LOR installation directory from one machine to the other via windows networking. I was wondering is it documented somewhere for version 5.3.6 exactly the best way to do this. i.e. a list of subdirectories that wil guarantee everything necessary is moved. If not could you let me know. I don't use sd cards or anything. It just occurred to me as I type this, as the hub utility gains more importance maybe a command could be added to it. Thanks Steve
  11. Unless it is in writing in your rental contact that they are not responsible for damage, document the damage and sue them in small claims court. If you take that step, keep documentation in case they try to retaliate against you.
  12. You mean faces? Yep, my faces are included in James sequences. If you mean “dance” the Git Up Just won’t fit this song. LOL JR
  13. Pigtails can be the largest waste of $. Best to find a supplier and buy the longest cords with connectors on both ends and cut enough to make your controller pigtail and solder the cut end to the light strands. Make sure the supplier is going to offer those cables all the time. When I started with pigtails I purchased from Ray , the problem is they were soon obsolete. Then I figured I could make my own from long cables, problem solved. JR
  14. I work in a Sign Shop and have access to Translucent Vinyl. I have covered my white led rope lighting with red, green, blue, etc and it works well. Not so sure about Brown, if you try this let us know. I looked online and found a link for the stuff on Amazon. Be sure to get translucent. Get enough to cover the entire length you want. It only needs 1 layer, or it maybe too dark. Hope this helps. Alan... Translucent Brown Vinyl
  15. I just bought 10 light led strands from Val at Christmas-LED.com to repair a wireframe She sells a lot of various lengths along with the colored clip caps.
  16. I permanently mount the lights to 1x2 inch wood strips. On top of the wood strip are a couple hooks screwed in. On the gutter, I have eye bolts mounted to the gutter by drilling a hole and securing with nuts and washers. The eye bolts stay in permanently. To install the lights for the season, I just hang the strip on the eye bolts,. Takes only seconds. For storage, I have a 4x8 foot piece of plywood hung from the roof of my storage shed with eye bolts. Just hang each strip up. When I get to my computer, I will post photos.
  17. How old is the computer? You could have an OpenGL issue. Try updating your video driver. There has been a recent post on how to do it if you need help. I know that updating to S5 requires a higher version of OpenGL than my old computer supported and in my case I had to add a video card that supported the higher version.
  18. So I am trying to wrap my head around playback files for 5.36 vs 5.24. Here is a screenshot of files created using 5.24. Once the sequence is played in the show it will create the compressed sequence, the .lcs file. Although an added step to create the playback files manually which is a pain, the files make sense. With 5.24, you choose the .lms file to add it to the show. Here is the screen shot of the files created by 5.36. At this point you only have the .loredit file. That is the file that you choose to add a sequence to the show. The files below are created in the LORinternal folder. They are created the first time you play the show. Not sure where the 0000.236 comes from. The file sizes got strange also, as you can tell my largest sequence got larger instead of smaller. I like the fact that you dont have to create the playback files but the name change wont work very well with Bob0's MIIP program. What would be very cool would be a utility that created all these files ahead of time so the show played didn't have to, like the file compressor program we had in version 4. Anyways, though I would post this to see where all this is going to shake out.
  19. Massimo, Isn't another name for the CCR-II's a Pixie 2? If so here is some instructions from the User Manual. It sounds like not all the dip switches on the board are not set to "off". This means everytime power is removed (turned off) the unit will boot up to the unit id set by the dip switches. In your case it sounds like it is set to Unit 1 via the dipswitches. If you turn all the dipswitches off, then the settings you are using in Hardware Utility will stay. You can set the unit ids in 2 ways, one is set every dipswitch to off and let Hardware Utility do it, or set the dip switches on each unit to the unit id you wish to use as listed on page 41 of the manual. http://www1.lightorama.com/PDF/Pixie_Man_105.pdf page 12 for Hardware Config, and page 41 for setting the Unit Id via the dipswitches Hope this helps Alan...
  20. I produced the HC Jr. version if you want it JR
  21. As I said, you are welcome to call me. I will PM my phone number to you.
  22. As Jr says, you don't have to replace everything at one go. Get some experience with RGB with a few props and a couple of controllers, this year alongside or complimenting your existing lights. Trying to do it all at once is likely to be a struggle, this late. Leave S5 till next year, the upgrade process is far from painless and takes a little time to sort everything out. My head exploded several times before I got the hang of the basics. My transition to RGB started in 2013 and my mini trees are still AC because I like the look.
  23. yEP...DO A GOOGLE SEARCH FOR VIDEO ON "FALCE F16V2 OR f16V3" and "lightorma". Some pretty good video that go througt the whole process of infacing Falcon'swith LO|R. Seems straight forward once you have mastered the process but there is a pretty decent learning curve before yhou reach that "guru" point.
  24. Matt, I don’t like the fact that the playback files are now being stored in a different location than the main .loredit files. I spend a lot of time keeping all files, music, videos and relative background images as well as prop images in a specific folder for for each song I synchronize for organization. Now I’m going to have to hunt the files that are created and move them after every edit. I liked the ability to say where the files were going to, when we had to do it manually. I’m not against the automatic creation of the playback files, but I want them to go into the same folder as the main files or the ability to say where they go for each .loredit file I create.
  25. Singing faces can be purchased at many places and if you use standard store bought leds and a CTB16PC controller you would onlyuse one Unit ID. A second option if you are wanting to change colors is LORs CMB24D with some dumb RGB lights. This controller only use one ID and you would be able to change colors. It also doesn't need a high speed network. Honestly, I wouldn't use pixels on a face. My choice would be the CMB24D and dumb RGB lights.
  26. All I will say, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Initially I upgraded with .24 but had issues so reverted. The only upgrade I do now is the SS ssedit. i haven’t had any problems with .18 even with everyone I have helped. I still like the old K.I.S.S. approach. But will keep that in mind if I ever run into trouble. Thanks again. JR
  27. Right click on the channel item, Enable channel level.
  28. Bug Report 5.3.0 Beta PM 01 Chase across Group boundaries. Win 10 Pro 1803 I think this classifies as a bug, and I think it used to work in 5.2 but I can’t be sure. When chasing a single RGB color, eg green, the chase becomes white when the chase crosses from one group to the next. This seems repeatable for different groups. Screenshot 1 shows prechase. https://www.dropbox.com/s/nx6ki4g83a2no3b/sc 01.jpg?dl=0 Screenshot 2 shows post chase. https://www.dropbox.com/s/h05so9lm6xy102x/sc 02.jpg?dl=0 Chase happens properly across the first group of expanded pixels but turns white on entering the subsequent groups. Furthermore, if an RGB pixel is expanded into its component colors, the chase propagates through all three colors, but only in the expanded pixel, Screenshot 3 https://www.dropbox.com/s/vmqptj8h2yca00e/sc 03.jpg?dl=0
  29. a31ford

    windows 10

    FWIW, Linux 19.1 cinnamon, with the Tessa desktop, running an older version of Windoze XP in a virtual box, is rock solid, the Linux is state of the art, and dam FAST, and windoze XP is a great version (IMHO) better than 10 any flavor, Linux, is FREE............... Greg Manning
  30. I like that, would love to see what you do with it.
  31. I bought mine after I got out of the Navy in 73. The sponges keep wearing out and I don't know where the metal tip tray (insert) went (way too many moves over the years). So Yes. That makes me old as well 😛
  32. dgrant

    windows 10

    I'm a true believer in giving a computer all the possible resources it can handle, as in Ram memory, larger hard drives and the best video GPU money can handle. My show computer is a former server, reset into a desktop Pc running Windows 10 Pro. Older Dell T5500 and its got two Xeon E5649 CPU's within and 72Gb of Ram, along with two 2-Tb HD's, Nvidia Quadro K1200. It never thinks about slowing down and runs nice and cool. Yes, I could run an even better GPU but this one works just fine for, four monitors using LOR. When you limit things on the computer side, you start limiting proper speed of the show. I've got a much faster machine too but its really not needed.
  33. Walmart LEDS work great and are full wave, I have about 100k of them in my show and have had Zero failures or issues at all in the last 5 years. You can get them really cheap on clearance day after Christmas. The only failures I have had with lights, are the expensive sealed lights and replaced them with Walmart lights.
  34. Looks like we may have a fix. Lights started blinky-blinky about 11 pm last night. Points to take away that solved my problems: If you have or want to add networks, make sure you have some type of 485 connected for each network defined. I had to wait until a Red 485 arrived to get things working on the second network. More on that next. Next thing, when I tried to install the Red 485, it did not install correctly. Took about 12 hours to get things fixed. Only a small hole in the wall and a small lump on my head 😯 Things like FTClean would not totally remove the problem with the bad driver install around the Red 485. The only way I could get things working was to go to Windows and an old Restore point. After rolling things back to before I installed 5.2.4, I had to reinstall LOR and the 485 drivers with many restarts. The USB485B was found right away however the Red 485 took MINUTES to complete, but it finally did and now I am programming and when I want to watch some of the real lights I can. Thanks JR, you helped lay the foundation for me to fight my way through the hardware problems. Have not heard boo from LOR and the 2 cases submitted.
  35. JR your work on singing trees sequences has brought joy to a whole lot of people on this forum ,thank you Dennis Laff
  36. sysco

    LSS file

    Don thank you for your reply
  37. Your still thinking (like I did) old, Plug into the wall strings. I will just make those blinky 😕 Then you will see the benefit of (dumb) RGB. Wait, Hang once, Orange and purple for Halloween, Then Green and Red and White for Christmas, Red,White and Blue for the 4th Wait, If I go Smart, I can run chases around the yard/windows/roof line Seriously down hill once you start on this path
  38. nope, I just changed it, I guess when I made the profile it had that auto selected. When I opened my visualizer to uncheck that box, I saw the version I had.
  39. I usually start setting up mid September and I set up the bulk of Halloween and Christmas and only turn on the Halloween stuff first. Starting November 1st I tear down the things associated with Halloween, webs, monsters and ghosts and set up the last things which are only associated with Christmas, mega trees and things. This worked out good last year as we had rain the entire month of November except for maybe five days. If I had to tear down Halloween and setup my entire Christmas show in November i would have been screwed because of all the bad weather.
  40. Looks more like a display and not a show. I wonder if the Mad Grab sale is what financially set him in a rut.
  41. Don

    I missed it

    The good news is that usually there is a Summer sale that lasts (usually) 2 weeks or so. So, not all hope should be considered lost.
  42. I ran the F48 last year and it is so much easier. I center it on the house then branch off to all areas of the house for my pixels. It was like having 12 four port controllers.
  43. I really wish LOR would come out with some E1.31 boards only, it would bring them some more business. Lighters like myself use mainly E1.31 so I take about 90% of my business elsewhere just because LOR doesn't carry enough options.
  44. Here you go Bob. Added the brown Clock wire.
  45. Something like this should work. Obviously you can make each string whatever length that you want. Because the power and ground does not have to travel down and back up each hanging piece, the resistance is far less of an issue. Make sense?
  46. Here are a few of my 2018 videos. More of my videos can be seen here: http://www.buscochristmas.com/Videos.html I would also like to thank the forum members that have shared sequences. Wayne
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