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  1. After fifteen years or so, I find it necessary to get out of this hobby for health reasons. I have a large selection of LOR AC, DC, and various other controllers/components that are looking for new homes. I am not trying to sell them, but they are being offered free with only one catch, you must pick them up as I will not ship. If you know of anyone that might be interested in trying out this hobby, this might be a chance for them to get into it for minimal cost. All of the AC controllers are first generation boards in boxes with pigtails attached. Probably have about 20 AC controllers, several DC controllers, pixel controllers, 12x50 pixel tree, 24x50 and 6x50 pixel matrices, etc. I am not offering these to someone wanting to resell them, but to hobbyists who want to expand or get into the hobby. I am located in Casa Grande, AZ, midway between Phoenix and Tucson. If interested, please message me above or email at circus4u at msn.com
  2. 90% of Americans live check to check. Only takes one glitch to set most people back, or even totally derail some. We live with a constant stream of advertising, and media, telling us that our lives are less than good if we don't fill our homes with stuff. At the end of the day, we are all responsible for our own actions. However, I hesitate to judge those fallen on financial hard times. I fully understand that it could be me, very easily, if life's pieces were to fall the wrong way. I have seen injury, and illness, put people out of work through no doing of their own. People tell me that I make a decent living because I work hard, have good work ethics, and am good at what I do. Truth is, those 3 things only add up to half of the reason. The other half is pure luck....which could turn at any time.
  3. The “gofundme” part destroys it for me. “Gimme” is a national problem. Puking. Go pay your own way.
  4. How many reasons do you need? Returned defective product to be replaced (per previous conversation), got it back REPAIRED, returned differently than sent, one item STILL defective, expressed my displeasure using the best NAVY language I could muster. They did not approve of my assessment of his product, customer service skills, nor his parentage. In other words for being me.
  5. Hey everybody wake up 282 days till lights on ! No time to waste sleeping.although I just woke up I'm retired .
  6. I have been re-visiting S5 for the first time since the beta period last year and must say that the experience is enormously improved. I have successfully upgraded all of my 50 odd sequences and find them playing back on actual lights normally in the sequencer and the show player and by the way, using MIIP. I have also found that the S5 show player seems to handle raw S4 sequence files so even if the upgrade didn’t go well, the original S4 files will play fine, which keeps some options open. Once the RGB breakout editing is restored, I think the sequencer will behave very much as it does in S4, but significantly faster in both loading and responsiveness during sequencing. If you are upgrading from an S4 Visualizer file, it is important that the Vis and the S4 sequence config match exactly. All of my tracks and groups came over intact although a few channel names needed editing. I do have a few comments\suggestions as to the layout of some of the menu items, specifically the right click context menu from the sequencing grid. In S5, the timing commands have been placed in a sub menu, Timing Mark, which means an extra mouse click every time you need a timing command. I use (and maybe I am in the minority) Insert Timing, Multiple Timing, Resize Timing, Copy Timing and Delete Timing very frequently, all of which now require an extra mouse click. It would be helpful if they could move back into the first level menu. One other thing, Resize Timing used to accept, for example, .05 as an entry, now it requires 0.05, which for me adds a lot of keystrokes. Overall my comfort level with S5 is improving rapidly and I am looking forward to the next release. Thanks to all on the development team for your hard work.
  7. k6ccc

    I missed it

    There were several threads here on the forum that started within minutes of the E-Mail being received. Facebook not needed (or wanted).
  8. My show is getting pretty big as I add new stuff every year. Unlike some others on here, cough,,,cough,,,dibblejr,,,cough,,,cough,,, I don't want to have eight networks. I like the fact that I can run my show on two, one RS485 and one E1.31.
  9. JR and James I would like to thank you for all of the sequences that you share with me (and everyone else) Your kindness is just above and beyond what anyone should except of you. Without your help and kindness I would not be able to have a show like I do. Especially the big Boy Scout show in the middle of April. For the other people reading this, these two GENTLEMEN put in so many hours making these sequences then SHARE them, not sell them to you and me just out of the kindness of their hearts. Once I get some video of the show I will post the links to it Thank You, Again YIS Marc Gerner Gernergang@gmail.com
  10. 4 WEEKS !!!! 4 weeks (from yesterday) is the Central Oklahoma Mini. If you are interested in attending, please PM me and I'll add you to the invite list. We are getting a head count for charis/tables and food. So please contact me if interested. Thank you, Tom
  11. As opposed to us I guess....
  12. Take heed people, see how easy and quick that was when members fill out their profile properly? Thank you DavyPenn.
  13. Ok with the solid rod between my connection point where the two 10 foot section connect. The pipe did NOT break at the connector this year. First year ever it did not break. So, by putting the solid pipe inside where they connect did the job. We had gust of wind between 50-70 MPH. I am just taking down the tree now. So its been up for 5 months. LOL...
  14. nope, I just changed it, I guess when I made the profile it had that auto selected. When I opened my visualizer to uncheck that box, I saw the version I had.
  15. Started in 2009, never have stopped. Always working on something for Christmas Thomas
  16. Oh man, I can't see the pictures from the original post. If you still have them, could you repost? New and that idea sounds awesome, Thanks! Nevermind I'm at work and I think they have it blocked. I'll check when I get home.
  17. Tomorrow is the Central Oklahoma Mini!!!!!! Hope to see ya there.
  18. Looks more like a display and not a show. I wonder if the Mad Grab sale is what financially set him in a rut.
  19. And you get to meet great people like JR Thanks for your input JR. We're going to miss you.
  20. If there is any chance that you can get to hang out with this great group of people it would be worth your while to do so. These minis are only a once a year event (the close ones to you). It beats starting out and trying to learn this stuff on a forum because you will get hands on, network and make friends with people who know this stuff. If I wasn't so busy I would drive there from Alabama in which I have done before. The OKC group are great. JR
  21. I used PayPal. I put the items in the cart and hit paypal for checkout and paypal put in all of the shipping info into the checkout page. I had to add my phone number to the form, but other than that it was pretty quick
  22. Between this forum and the LOR facebook groups, there's no way I could miss the sale if I wanted to. Something to consider for the future. Queue into this forum starting in March and stay in touch. Also, join LOR groups on facebook. I guarantee you won't miss it doing these two things. Guaranteed.
  23. You can upgrade to 4.4 it will do the conversion if you need help just let me know will explane I do it all the time you have LIC for ver 4 you should be able to to newest vev of 4
  24. So it has been brought up that LOR may be looking into producing some E1.31 boards. Post in this thread what capabilities that you would like to see in those boards to create the ultimate board. 1) 6 amp fuses on the ports 2) Dual ethernet ports capable of daisy chaining 3) Simple webpage config, no buttons inside Network Config like the Pixcon. 4) Multiple protocol support, in other words you don't need to use the same protocol for the entire board.
  25. got everything I needed in about 2 minutes -- picked up a new Pixie16 controller & 16 X 100 RGB strings. That brings me up to 2 controllers and 3200 lights for my display. Let the nightmare of sequencing everything together begin!!!!
  26. I love having multiple networks to keep the RGB props going. I wish 8 was enough though. JR
  27. ditto, I also built a F4V3 this year and spent the extra for the expansion board to take it to twelve outputs. Four are on the board and the differential expansion board has two ports for two four port receivers. If I can get it all built this years show will be awesome.
  28. I ran the F48 last year and it is so much easier. I center it on the house then branch off to all areas of the house for my pixels. It was like having 12 four port controllers.
  29. Unicast. 4, 8 or 16 port models. Fan header. Refresh rate setting
  30. Start thinking RGB (either smart or dumb) as it makes the number of colors FAR easier to deal with...
  31. Ok here is an update.. Good news.. Finally got a working S5. Not sure if I like the new Layout, but at least I can see something and start learning this new system.. How did I fix my problem you ask?? I have been using LOR since 2008, not sure what version I started out with. Every update or new Version always gets dumped / installed in the same directory, up until a few days ago I have never actually done a "clean" install, nor have I done a "complete" registry clean out of any LOR software. This Morning I backed up only my stuff that I created. Uninstalled S5 and deleted any and all directories linked to LOR. then used the Light-O-Rama Registry Wiper tool, ( Thanks Alan for pointing me to this) Shut down the desktop, unplug the power for long time ( something I don't normally do) re-started the desktop and proceeded to do a fresh clean install of S5 to a new directory. Before I did anything else, opened up S5 Sequence editor and re-entered my registration number. Then proceeded to create a dummy preview and a dummy animation sequence. all appears to work. closed all files and imported my S4 visualizer file, then opened up an old S4 music sequence, software complained about items in the sequence that were not in the preview ( in the past I had different visualizers files for different section of my display, inside the house, right side of the yard outside, front of house outside, etc. etc.. ) started the play sequence all looks normal.. Many Thanks to Alan for his help.. I will close the helpdesk ticket..
  32. That large of a sheet of coroplast is going to be a huge wind load. A quick Google search found several windload calculators. I would start by determining what the windload will be based on the highest wind speed that can be expected. The wind load goes up at a squared function so it goes up very fast as the wind speed increases. As for structure, for my 48x48 inch Holiday Coro singing faces, I used 3/4 inch aluminum U channel. The Coro was attached to it with screws and 1.25 inch fender washers. I used the aluminum mainly for the weight savings. I can’t tell you how well it will hold up in wind because the faces did not get mounted on the roof as planned because I was running really late. That meant that the two faces just leaned up against the front of the house. Next year will get them onto the roof.
  33. HP Envy 795-0020 8th gen Intel core i7-8700 12gb ram 2 - 1tb hardrives 256 gb sata solid state drive AMD Radeon 550; RX 550 graphics 4gb GDDRS 1 48 inch monter 1 27 inch curve monter Boes spearers
  34. I rsvp’d on Liz’ FB post. But as much as I love to eat, you probably should count me too. 😜
  35. Time Out! If he is talking about a Pixie - that is RS-485 - NOT Ethernet. All Pixie controllers are RS-485 only, and except for the Pixie 2D (I think), they are LOR protocol only.
  36. YES YES YES!!! My day will be complete!
  37. Happy to note that my landscape show is running correctly on 5.2.4.
  38. I dont think I signed in here for a few days! My mind has been straying lately. Dont tell my wife.
  39. folks are still in a post decorating coma. I have already started sequencing and building a few new controllers.
  40. Fan circuitry is usually on the board, not the fan. The Yellow wire is part of the speed Dell mounted a thermistor in the fans flow, but the speed control was on the board. Many other (computer) fans simply have a Tachometer to report slow or stopped. First Question: How many wires to the fan?
  41. I don't differentiate what kind of bulbs attached to AC controllers. Your CMB 24 needs some siblings I Started(RGB) with the LOR Flood package from a Spring Sale and went down hill fast (who can only have ONE). Added another CMB-24 for bullets and did not even make it to the season, before I ordered another (that one is on the chimney for the ridge lines and the only spare RGB port I have.) SMART RGB has its own issues. Controllers need to be fairly close to the first node, so BIggER is not always beTTer. Hit the LOR spring sale Hit it HARD and to h*ll with the budget. You can eat cheap for a couple of months. 😜
  42. If you need info on what version of any song I used please PM me.
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