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  1. After fifteen years or so, I find it necessary to get out of this hobby for health reasons. I have a large selection of LOR AC, DC, and various other controllers/components that are looking for new homes. I am not trying to sell them, but they are being offered free with only one catch, you must pick them up as I will not ship. If you know of anyone that might be interested in trying out this hobby, this might be a chance for them to get into it for minimal cost. All of the AC controllers are first generation boards in boxes with pigtails attached. Probably have about 20 AC controllers, several DC controllers, pixel controllers, 12x50 pixel tree, 24x50 and 6x50 pixel matrices, etc. I am not offering these to someone wanting to resell them, but to hobbyists who want to expand or get into the hobby. I am located in Casa Grande, AZ, midway between Phoenix and Tucson. If interested, please message me above or email at circus4u at msn.com
  2. Just want to say THANK YOU to all the folks on this forum that have shared sequences with not only myself, but to others as well. It's what helps to keep this crazy hobby of ours alive and well! I also want to give a THANK YOU to others on this forum that have gone far above and out of their way to help me with so many things, I won't mention specific names, but you folks know who you are, and how you have helped me to continue my display with encouragement and and so much more, again THANK YOU! There truly are a really GREAT BUNCH OF FOLKS ON THIS FORUM!. And finally to ALL the GREAT FOLKS at Light-O-Rama, that we all just affectionately call LOR, a really BIG THANK YOU! These folks at LOR have at many times gone far above and beyond to help folks with their displays, they have sent controllers out directly to folks that had one fail so they could get their display back up and running, even before those customers had to send the "bad" controller back in, their Help Desk folks do their best and, also go above and beyond to try and help folks keep their display up and running when software glitches or other issues arise, many times those issues caused by our own errors or misunderstanding of how something works, but they really go out on a limb sometimes to get folks software functional and/or their displays working again, they also supply parts so we can make repairs to our controllers or RGB lights, many times they do this at NO CHARGE and ON THEIR COST to get these to us. I know of NO OTHER company, at least none I've ever dealt with, that go above and beyond to help their customers like this, not one. There may be, but I, myself, have not dealt with a company so geared to keeping their products working that are in our, the customers hands. And WITHOUT LOR, many of us would not be able to do what we do that amazes neighbors, friends, and even those strangers that may happen on to our display.
  3. 90% of Americans live check to check. Only takes one glitch to set most people back, or even totally derail some. We live with a constant stream of advertising, and media, telling us that our lives are less than good if we don't fill our homes with stuff. At the end of the day, we are all responsible for our own actions. However, I hesitate to judge those fallen on financial hard times. I fully understand that it could be me, very easily, if life's pieces were to fall the wrong way. I have seen injury, and illness, put people out of work through no doing of their own. People tell me that I make a decent living because I work hard, have good work ethics, and am good at what I do. Truth is, those 3 things only add up to half of the reason. The other half is pure luck....which could turn at any time.
  4. The “gofundme” part destroys it for me. “Gimme” is a national problem. Puking. Go pay your own way.
  5. How many reasons do you need? Returned defective product to be replaced (per previous conversation), got it back REPAIRED, returned differently than sent, one item STILL defective, expressed my displeasure using the best NAVY language I could muster. They did not approve of my assessment of his product, customer service skills, nor his parentage. In other words for being me.
  6. Hey everybody wake up 282 days till lights on ! No time to waste sleeping.although I just woke up I'm retired .
  7. Central Oklahoma Mini 2019 Date: Saturday April 13th (chosen by the majority) Location: Please PM for the location if interested. Thank you. Admission: Free as always Time: 11:00 am until ??? LODGING: there are many hotels in the area which can be found with a google search. Any hotels along I-40 or I-35 in central Oklahoma are in good. Hotels in Bricktown are good if also looking for something else to do during your visit to OKC. Bass Pro Shop is there too. FOOD: Food/snacks and such will be provided. This means we eat/munch at our own pace and spend more time on the fun stuff.  FOOD: If anyone wants to make a donation or bring food/snacks, please let me know. If you’re a chef, or just like cooking/smoking/baking, by all means bring your masterpiece. Strongly recommended: Bring your projects, thoughts, ideas and especially your humor. There has been great ideas shared and posted. I would like to see those ideas in person, along with everyone else who attends. There will be an overhead projector (or two) connected to a computer (or two) for any training/sharing or showing videos of our displays. Please bring your own laptop/computer/thumbdrive if you feel the need and maybe want assistance with setting up your channels/settings and such. A soldering station will be setup for those wanting to share/see/learn a little and maybe even build/repair a few things. I have controllers with triacs I’m wanting to replace and will attempt to do this during the mini. So what would you like to see/share??? DIY? RGB strips? Pixels? Arches? Mini Trees? Mega Tree? Snow Flakes? Pixel Editor? Superstar? Controllers? Transmitters? It's endless!!! (bring your stuff to show others). If you have items to swap/trade/sell, bring those too. As mentioned earlier, there is "no cost" to attend the Central Oklahoma-Mini. There is “no schedule” to keep up with once things get started. So show up when you can and stay for however long you can. LET'S DO THIS!!!!!!!!!
  8. k6ccc

    I missed it

    There were several threads here on the forum that started within minutes of the E-Mail being received. Facebook not needed (or wanted).
  9. My show is getting pretty big as I add new stuff every year. Unlike some others on here, cough,,,cough,,,dibblejr,,,cough,,,cough,,, I don't want to have eight networks. I like the fact that I can run my show on two, one RS485 and one E1.31.
  10. JR and James I would like to thank you for all of the sequences that you share with me (and everyone else) Your kindness is just above and beyond what anyone should except of you. Without your help and kindness I would not be able to have a show like I do. Especially the big Boy Scout show in the middle of April. For the other people reading this, these two GENTLEMEN put in so many hours making these sequences then SHARE them, not sell them to you and me just out of the kindness of their hearts. Once I get some video of the show I will post the links to it Thank You, Again YIS Marc Gerner Gernergang@gmail.com
  11. 4 WEEKS !!!! 4 weeks (from yesterday) is the Central Oklahoma Mini. If you are interested in attending, please PM me and I'll add you to the invite list. We are getting a head count for charis/tables and food. So please contact me if interested. Thank you, Tom
  12. As opposed to us I guess....
  13. Take heed people, see how easy and quick that was when members fill out their profile properly? Thank you DavyPenn.
  14. I go thru a lot of ties. Mounting my LED strobes took over 2000! There was one for each bulb plus some extras on each of the 40 strands https://vimeo.com/280309439 I will be sticking with the old fashioned ties.
  15. May be a good idea for some but not for me. Something else to carry around. Something else to misplace/lose. Different tension for different application throughout my display Cheaper with not buying it. Slows down progress (gotta handle the tool and material). and lastly, manually working zipties by hand has worked fast and flawless for decades.
  16. We are looking forward to seeing everyone who can make it to the mini. Thank you Tom for organizing it! Mark and I are happy to host. Sorry, I haven't been on the boards in ages. We are only using xlights and have been mainly on facebook groups. My husband started a group for Oklahoma light enthusiasts through Facebook. We welcome you all to join! It is a great way to get to know everyone before the mini. https://www.facebook.com/groups/452586381927900/?ref=share
  17. I used PayPal. I put the items in the cart and hit paypal for checkout and paypal put in all of the shipping info into the checkout page. I had to add my phone number to the form, but other than that it was pretty quick
  18. Got home from work to see an e-mail from LOR saying my order has shipped. WOW I am impressed with that kind of service. Thanks LOR Wayne
  19. got everything I needed in about 2 minutes -- picked up a new Pixie16 controller & 16 X 100 RGB strings. That brings me up to 2 controllers and 3200 lights for my display. Let the nightmare of sequencing everything together begin!!!!
  20. Yes, they take Paypal on checkout.
  21. HLE has some. https://www.holiday-light-express.com/RGB.php
  22. The 12th Annual Virginia Mini will be held on Saturday, May 11th. The location will be at the Frantronics computer store located at 3618 George Washington Memorial Highway in Hayes (Gloucester county), Virginia. If you need further directions or information, please feel free to contact Frank Farmer at (804) 642-5233, email Frank at Frank@franktronics.net or you can leave a message here. We will have a meet and greet at 11, lunch at noon and then start the Mini at 1pm. The mini’s are an excellent opportunity to meet with other Christmas lighting enthusiast to share ideas, design plans, implementation, sequencing or just to meet others with the same goals in Christmas lighting displays. This mini is open to any and all Christmas lighting enthusiasts. Both ones doing it for the first time and those who have done it for years. Whether you have a large display or a small one. All are welcome. Anyone who would be willing to talk for a few minutes on a display element they have made, design tips, sequencing or anything else you would like to share with the group, please let me know. I would like to have competed agenda within a couple of weeks. Frank will have a couple of his own display elements up and running. Please let us know by phone, email, or this topic that you can attend and how many, so that I can have enough drinks and supplies here. We will provide drinks (water, coffee, iced tea and sodas). If everyone can bring along something for lunch/snacks, to share with the group, that would be great. There is no charge to attend the Mini, just bring some food to share. I look forward to seeing everyone. We will have computers and projectors available for use. Please like us on Face Book. Virginia Holiday Decorators Group Frank Farmer & Andy Anderson
  23. Unicast. 4, 8 or 16 port models. Fan header. Refresh rate setting
  24. 1) Not that I'm aware of. 2) Not that I'm aware of.
  25. I am adding a mega tree (pixel) for 2019 displays. Does anyone have any sequences they could share? I would like to see how it is all done. Darude, Sandstorm type songs would be preferred. I truly appreciate it. michael@hillcountrygardener.com (please do not contact me with links to paid sites. I already know about them)
  26. Earle, your shows will be missed, I for one looked forward to the videos every year. Your skills are second to none!
  27. After talking to you and Joel i know they went to a good home and will make things in NC a little brighter come Christmas time. It was a nice visit and I really enjoyed every minute of it. Thank You Earle
  28. I picked up some of these as a test from Boscoyo and they are very impressive. The 10mm coro is very strong and I like the pattern and way they are cut. I got the E option which is 10 bullet 1.5" apart. Today I noticed they have a new website and it looks very good and easier to navigate.
  29. Fan circuitry is usually on the board, not the fan. The Yellow wire is part of the speed Dell mounted a thermistor in the fans flow, but the speed control was on the board. Many other (computer) fans simply have a Tachometer to report slow or stopped. First Question: How many wires to the fan?
  30. No, you are doing it backwards. As Mr P said. Open existing sequence. Add new CCR channels at the BOTTOM. Save new config. Copy and paste from new CCR sequencing into the modified sequence. Save as a new file for safety. Open next sequence and import the new config, then copy and paste the new CCR content again. Rinse and repeat.
  31. Going to S4 wouldn't be a big deal.
  32. IMO- adds to much work. That's what's great about having limited to no feeling in the hands and fingers, makes doing things like pulling zipties easier. Scissors is the answer JR
  33. It is correct that you can create a matrix any way you like and run the strings any way you want as long as you create your own sequence. The problems begin when you try and use someone elses sequence or a purchased sequence, then nothing lines up.
  34. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3XfDF_bM2U These are the lights all over their yard. Pretty much a short firestick.
  35. You can do the zig zag in either S4 Visualizer or S5 Preview. Not a problem at all.
  36. Like how those hold the candles. Will have to see if I can figure out sizes I need, since the Red Candles are larger than the gold ones, so I know I'm going to have to probably make a smaller version for the gold candles. Will have to see if I can get a video with my wifes old cell phone{since it will allow me to upload videos from it to my computer} of my candles with the flickering flame effect and post it. I get a lot of compliments on the candles and asked often: How do you make the candles flicker in the flame section and keep the bottoms lit steady like that at the same time? or: Where did you find those special flicker bulbs that allows your candles to do that? I'd like to buy some, where did you get them. Of course when I try to explain how I created the effect using specialized lighting software, and that the candles are on a special lighting controller controlled by that software, takes 2 channels to make them do what they're doing, most look a little bewildered and totally lost. LOL
  37. LMAO (that's also four words). OMGS !
  38. OOPS! Oh well, never said I could count very well........🤪🤣 Actually St. Patrick's should count as one, but I'm NOT going to argue that point. 5 it is, 5 it was.
  39. Last year our show was killed by big rain storm it took two days to figure out what was wet, dugh every thing. This year I got some Mortite, it is weather proofing that stays pliable , clay like . It comes on a roll. you can mush around the plugs as it is non conductive I put a bead around each plug joint ,made it water proof even after a big storm which we get here in Florida. At take down I just scraped it off and wiped the plugs clean. David
  40. This is my second year using Light O Rama. Last year one controller and one musical sequence, this year , 32 channels and six sequenced songs, and 50% more lites, and a FM tune to sign. OH and a motorized waving Santa and a bubble machine, plus wire frame led snow flakes on the roof. OK I got it bad, spring sale here I come. There are two videos posted at the end of this story. This year as I was putting the lites round our big bay window and I caught a reflection of my self in the glass, but it wasn't me, it was a nine year old little boy. Wearing his older brothers coat and one of those caps that have ear flaps that fold down and tie under your chin. He was struggling to put a string of C9's around the front door. It was very cold,I Remember. As a small child Christmas was always magic and the lites were the icing on the cake. I decided to make my own lites. I had saved money from cutting yards that summer and had put my eye on some parts at the local hardware store. In the late fall I went to the store and with the help of Mr Smith the owner selected twenty feet of red and green twisted wire and twenty plastic screw on C9 sockets and bulbs. Mr Smith said ,David that will be $4.85. I pulled out all my money only to find I was 35 cents short. As I stood there with tears welling up in my eyes, Mr Smith said here, he reached into his pocket and pulled out 35 cents , he put the money in the little box , handed me the bag with the parts and said , Merry Christmas David, be sure to get your Dad to help put it together. Those lites lit up Dunn Rd for many years. As the years went by I got more and more and forgot about that one string. The reflection returned to me, standing there with a string of C9's in my hand. Sixty years later, taller, balding, a pot belly in shorts and a tee shirt in the warm Florida sun. In 2011 My MaMa was near her end and my brothers called and said come home, it was near then end of December, a few days before Christmas. She had been not talking and not eating so it was soon. I got to MaMa's on the 23rd when I went in the house to see her, she opened her eyes and said very loudly my name-DAVID. The best Christmas gift I have ever gotten. She passed on the 27th. Later the next spring I went home to Memphis to help my brothers clean out the house and get it ready for sale. I got attic duty. There was a lot of stuff up there MaMa saved every thing. I was going through a stack of shoe boxes and one old box had some writing on he top in her hand writing, it said ,David's Lites. Inside was the set of C9's I had made at the age of nine. They still work ! Many thanks to all the wonderful folks at Light O Rama and all the help I have received from the people on the forums. Please enjoy the videos. https://vimeo.com/312228169https://vimeo.com/312224097 David Hardin
  41. Please understand, that sharing music on these forums is strictly and rightly prohibited. JR is not being difficult. He just needs a legal copy of the songs to work with.
  42. Please do a search for James or my sharing sequence requests. James puts all of the different props in one or two packages while I only share the faces. We have a lot of sequences and producing more every day. Please do not sell or share among others, they can ask. Thank you JR
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