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  1. I use 5 gallon buckets over the large outdoor receptacles' and on some of my singing props for the extra light bulbs. Works great. Lowes, HD, Walmart all have the buckets for next to nothing. As far as aesthetics most of our light shows probably don't look like much in the daytime anyway , I use inflatables . so having a bucket here or there in the yard, not really a big deal. You may have to watch out for your city rubbage person, yes they took my "Slow Down Turtle" flag, Army PT belt and everything the day after last Halloween. Not realizing I had video security (huge sign on my mailbox) the driver told his supervisor it was destroyed that's why he took it. The video shows otherwise. JR
  2. Sorry I'm just be honest with you. First off do not expect anyone to send you some songs. It is illegal to share music files get it together and go to Amazon and purchase your own music roughly $23. If your funds are THAT limited then you have chose the wrong hobbies because both are not poor man hobbies. You said you are rebuilding a truck for some parade that is all well and good but do not expect anyone to support both of your hobbies. Just remember that the parade organizers will not miss you and the rest of the town will not miss your display if you do not participate in one or the other. You got some thinking to do and some priorities to get in line.
  3. Well you have all year to create sequences so go ahead and sequence away. You have to at least try. Seriously.
  4. You are very ambitious with this request. LOL JR
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