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  1. Happy to see I am not alone in requesting RGB editing. Hopefully Matt can make it happen. I will be sticking with S4 otherwise.
  2. As soon as you move to S5. I am kidding. You may want to start a new thread since a lot has changed - but most of the key contributors within this thread are still here. Just sequence one prop at a time, use the shared ones when you find some that fit your needs. ( yeah, some will not like that answer) No matter what have more than 1 back up and as I learned just before HAlloween - A SSD can fail and it is major when it does. I was able to recover all files from my SSD with software however I am discovering some files have been partially destroyed (all sequences), I still have not started reorganizing the old stuff on the new drive because of the time of year. I am taking a month off to do it. LOL I sequence one item at a time but remember there are several of us that teamed up so we all have our part, This decreases the sequencing time in a big way. Team work and then we share with everyone else. JR
  3. +1, I am also sticking with S4 until they add some of the older features into S5.
  4. Great.. Glad I raised the concern. Now if enough people request it, maybe we stand a chance of getting it back. So as of now I bounce from S4 to S5.
  5. Yep... that's what we're talking about.. Okay. I see it now. @MattBrown - This needs to come back.
  6. Http://YouTube.com/37iEkQ1fVVw
  7. Earl, It's sad when someone goes dark, HOWEVER, I (we), (I think I can safely speak for most in the forums) that it gets to a point in everyone's life , it's just too much,. Age creeps up on us, heck I'm 60 in a month, and trust me... I'm starting to feel it. You, have put on a GREAT show for many years, be proud of the joy you have brought to those that enjoyed it, ( and Smile about the ones that didn't, in the fact that you where able to "get their goat" ) side note, it's now called " trolling " FYI Have a Great New Year !! Greg Manning
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