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  1. ~DOC~


    Is anyone else overly paranoid the show won’t start or stops and monitor it closely? Or am I just paranoid?
  2. This one was a great challenge to sequence with many different beats and tempo changes. Sorry camera keeps showing glare.
  3. My first year, running a measly 16 channels.
  4. Had the end of a string in the gutter which trapped enough water to wet the entire bottom of the string. Used an indoor extension cord (I had no SPT-1, OK?!) and failed to secure the other outlets in it. I am ashamed.
  5. This is what I used on the roofline. I specifically bought it because it didn't have a "pixel" look to it. I love that it's very diffused. And it's bright af. https://www.lowes.com/pd/GE-StayBright-552-Count-19-6-ft-with-White-Integrated-LED-Plug-In-Christmas-Rope-Lights/1000525749
  6. You can't leave us hanging. Like Mega Arch said: Fess up!
  7. ..... sent via Google Drive speedym@gmail.com theducks@sonic.net  jetmech4aa@gmail.com Have fun, and hopefully it will work for you Merry Christmas from Werner
  8. ~DOC~


    Ah Ah WOW speechless.
  9. NYE is sorta my time to play with the technology and do something not necessarily Halloween theme or Christmas. Wouldn't run that sequence at Christmas or as part of my Christmas show but December 26th all bets are off. I like having people drive by and go WTH!!
  10. New neighbors at the old house parked on the street. It's legal, so I couldn't really complain. However, on Christmas Eve they pulled up 40 minutes before show time and parked in front of the house. It's not like it was the first night of the display, it was Christmas Eve. So I recorded a voice over that said due to cars parked in front of the display "we can not safely run the display this evening." About 10 minutes in someone yelled at them from their car, "Is your car in front of this house? He's not running the show because of it." (Baby monitors outside can pickup a LOT) They moved the car in about 20 seconds after someone called them out on it.
  11. my son and I measured it out to approximately 340 total feet. My longest runs are just over 30 feet, so I figured on having to break those into 2 runs. I think I have a good idea of where to place the controllers. I'm thinking one Pixie 4, two Pixie 8's and one Pixie 16. I'd only be using 21 or 23 of the 36 ports, so it gives me some expansion for the future. With 6-8 ports open near the ground and 7 or so on the roof. Any recommendations on power supplies that work well with the Pixie controllers? Thanks for your help!
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