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  1. When I closed my show down last night I had a note left in my mailbox and this is the true Spirit of Christmas and why I do this: "I just wanted to honestly thank you and your family for this wonderful gift to the community! I recently had surgery and its killed my entire holiday spirit, including Thanksgiving. I brought my boys by this evening and ended up overwhelmed with the holiday spirit and even cried. It made me feel like a kid again, to the point that I was ashamed to have let my recovery ruin so much for me. Seeing my children's faces light up just filled me with so much joy that I'd lost this season. Thank you guys again! My boys want to come back so I'm sure we'll be camped out again later this week. Thank you and blessings to your family!"
  2. That's really nice! I never got a comment that nice, but on rare occasions, something like a bottle of wine or other little gift will end up on my doorstep with a nice note. HOWEVER, there always seems to be at least one Grinch in every neighborhood. In the 20 years, I've been doing this, I only ever got one negative comment and it was recently. A neighbor on another street up the hill (known to be a Grinch for every occasion), sent an email with... "You know all those lights are distracting as I drive by your house to get home from work.". To which I reply... "You know there are 3 other roads that lead to your house from Lacerta Drive, and one of them is shorter. And by the way, the speed limit is 25, not 40 ! My cameras observe you."
  3. I had a couple ask me a few days ago how I got the candy canes to spin without tearing the cords out. I told them I bought them that way. They said they will come back during the day to see what I am using. Tom
  4. I am somewhat a grumpy guy. But Christmas brings it out of me. I like to be happy. So to have what happen tonight. Wow. I have had good feedback from neighbors. Tonight I received homemade cookies. You can’t put a dollar sign to that. Oh I am so going bigger next year. Those kids I saw tonight make it all worth it.
  5. Took this last night as it was getting dark but you cannot see all of the colors. Will take another this evening before it gets dark and you can see things better.
  6. This week I had THREE geniuses in two days who somehow guessed there is a computer involved in running the show! I must try very hard to act like they are wise while secretly thinking other thoughts!
  7. Hey Guys, Finally got off my Arse and filmed our house last night. Got a couple of videos uploaded to Vimeo Site Merry Christmas!!!
  8. My first Light-O-Rama youtube. Did displays for a few years but excited this year since neighbor wanted in on the action. While it only 5 channels versus 50+, a lot lot of fun for starters and sure it will grow next year. Good news neighbor set up his own house based on what I told him but I had to do the sequencing but very rewarding in the end - Enjoy! Feel free to comment/like on youtube please.
  9. Jim, Just to clarify (because I know you are one who likes the finer details). Encrypted = Saved on a PC without an active license. Contents can be seen, and even edited, but not copy/pasted, on another machine. Protected = An option in Advanced and Pro that allows one to save a sequence in a manner that can not be edited at all. The events are hidden from view. Channels can not be changed. Only the music file can be changed.
  10. An encrypted (protected) file can only be opened on the same computer that saved it. However as long as you have a LOR License entered, files are only saved as protected if you specifically save it as protected. As long as you don't save as protected files, you are fine.
  11. I was asked, "Where do you buy the lights that do that?"
  12. That is awesome! The shooting stars are incredible. PM incoming.
  13. If you don't have a ton of controllers keep it simple - 1 Network will be plenty. Also if any of your "old controllers" are gen1 or 2 they will not work with a pixie controller no matter what you do. In that case one of them would have to be on aux A. I have not seen a SS video instructing anyone to initially configure their pixie controllers as an Aux network. Please share that link. JR
  14. I’ve had people this year asking: 1. How I got the radio station to allow me to rebroadcast their music. 2. How the lights know how to sync to the songs on the radio station. 3. If I work FOR the radio station.
  15. With your Standard license level, you can't run multiple data networks, so using AuxA is not an option for you. Also, the Standard license level only allows 8 unit IDs - specifically Unit ID 01 - 08. The Pixie 16D controller itself takes 16 Unit IDs. Oops, I see you say that you have a Pro level license - please update your forum profile. With the Pro level license of course you can run multiple networks and any Unit ID. If you run multiple networks, you need to have multiple USB to RS-485 adapters and cabling to the controllers. It sounds like you are running a single network. What all controllers do you have, and how is the network configured? Can you see all the controllers when using the Hardware Utility? I have read both of your recent posts and trying to sort it out.
  16. Nice sequencing job. I may have to consider adding Echoes in Rain. I liked that.. I have not joined the Greatest Show bandwagon - in fact I had never heard the music - ever. Having now heard at least the first part, I can assure you that I will never make any effort to hear it again.
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