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  1. Just wanted to post and say JR Dibble and James Morris contribution’s to this forum are invaluable. You guys set the bar and thank you for all what you do!!! Rock on!!!!
  2. Don

    Scheduled Show Times

    Sometimes the client doesn't want to use one. *shrug*
  3. D1 is a valid ID number, While not efficient to have that many id numbers in a network the highest controller ID you can set to a controller is F0 which is 240 controllers.
  4. First year is always horrible for most of us, there are a few exceptions. I look back at my original sequences and go, what a piece of crap that was! LOL I still am nowhere near what some of these guys do, but I keep plugging at it. As you keep plugging away at it, you learn the ins and outs of the things. Shoot, I've been into this since 2010 and I learned NEW things I wasn't aware of or didn't know this year in 2018 too. This is an ever changing, ever growing, EVER LEARNING Hobby we're into here. It's just the nature of this beast. LOL Best advice I can give you is this, DO NOT try to sequence or do things when you're tired, angry or aggravated, it just makes it worse for yourself. When I get tired I go off and watch a movie, play in my other hobby, Garden RailRoading or just take a 1-2 hour nap and then get back to it after an hour or two of doing something relaxing. Before all that I used to try and overdo it too. Hence how I came up with my signature tag line below! 🤣
  5. If you are looking for help with Superstar, then look at the Tutorials for it here under the heading Superstar (Add On) Also there is a Forum Topic just for Superstar. If your looking for something else, please clarify. Alan...
  6. Yes, easy to do. Create a Group of the props you want to use the effect on, apply the effect to that group. Done. Here is a thread in which this topic has been asked about before. In the videos referenced in my post in that thread, see the 2:40 mark in Wonderful World for the Pin Wheel Effect. Both Witch Doctor and Wonderful world only contain effects that cover all the RGB props. Alan...
  7. Does anyone have a setup story to tell? I have a groaner on vampire cords. In Summer I made some cords for some globe lights. They were are mounted 12 feet in the air. When I went to plug them in I found I had made one of the dozen wrong and it had two male ends! 12 feet down to the spares and back up to change out the plug. When I back got up there I found the vampire had NO TEETH! It was a defective plug and I had to go back down to retrieve a second replacement. After that I thought I was ready to power up but found I had smashed the other end with the ladder. This was just too funny to not post about it. Double male at 12 feet Flacid male and Toothless Vampire.
  8. Miguel, I don't have any archived props, and not much expereince with them. I thought Matt had a system in place to help with them. Since i don't have any archived props, I can't use this feature, but would this help? Alan... ...
  9. Most of us are glad they’re short. Keeps the plug connection off the ground cutting down on gfci nuisance tripping. Your mess probably doesn’t show up at night when your show is running anyway.
  10. I have a brand new set that I will just give you my friend. PM me where you want it sent. 1 controller and 2 strands of lights, opened but never used. That will at least give you something to practice so once you get the retro check. JR
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