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  1. Yeah, this is the starter kit, 16 channels. All AC. Let's not confuse things.
  2. ROFL, to paraphrase Mega Arch, I blew snot rockets of Diet Peach Snapple out of my nose when I read that. 😤 To the OP, I'm not laughing at you, just Jim's technical description. 🤣 Alan...
  3. Actually, It made perfect sense....................after a couple of beers. 😀
  4. Bry, After disecting your Preview and props for alwhile, I found something that doesn't seem right. See the pic below. To ensure you don't mess up your existing Preview, make a copy and then work on that copy. That way if it isn't the issue you can always go back to the original. If as you say, this issue only happens outside on the lights themselves, you'll have to test this on the lights. Here is a modified Preview of only your roofline props to test. The change shown in the picture has been done. brys roofline props testing.loredit Alan...
  5. The moisture content of the Air changes how much signal is absorbed (reduces distance). The type of transmission antenna affects the 'pattern' of where the power goes. A simple dipole (rubber ducky) distributes all around. on the other end: A Yaggi type pin points. the signal. A typical 'City' VHF (Analog era TV with only a couple of elements) antenna, directs it forward Keep as few objects as possible between your target and the xmitter. High up tends to be better
  6. If using Pixels with older generation CTB16PC controllers, definitely recommend getting the red High Speed USB RS485 adapter if you're going to add RGB. I added RGB lighting this year to my display and with the old controllers and just a dual USB RS485B adapter, thought I could run everything, nope. Won't work, you'll have severe lag times on BOTH the RGB Controllers and the older {Pre-Gen 3} CTB16PC controllers. You really need the HS adapter and set up a separate comm port and enhanced network for the RGB. My older Version 2 CTB16PC's {4 of them} are on a standard LOR Network, my RGB Controllers {Version I CCB-100} are on Aux A, Enhanced, 500K Network using teh red HS Adapter. Once I did this, all lag times went away. Gen 3 CTB16PC controllers may not and probably do not have the lag issue since they can run on Enahnced 500k speed networks, but older CTB16PC Controllers, V1 and V2 can not. I'm staying with S4 because it's what I'm comfortable with, that and S5 the new Pixel Editor and Sequence Editor are both incorporated as one program. I prefer them separate, for one thing the PE screen blocks are just too tiny and me being legally blinf, I just can't see to do anything with it because of it's size. At least S4 the SE is still separate and I can see the SE screen, but, again, my preference due to my vision issues, which have worsened recently. And I found the PE extremely confusing to get working when I did try and use it. Personally if I had better vision, I'd still start with S4 after coming back into this after being out of it for awhile {5- years I had no display, no power in our home for that duration, just got it back this past summer 2018}, then I'd migrate to S5 after I learned how to use, set up and sequence in the PE while it's separated from the SE in S4. There is a huge learning curve in S5, so if you are planning starting up again for this year, I'd recommend S4 first, it's pretty much what you know with a few changes here and there, but sequencing is still the same as previous versions except for the PE {Pixel Editor} addition. Welcome back!
  7. What came up stated they had a chip, but didn't see no mention of a controller on the lights, which I thought was extremely odd. Maybe that's why they aren't there now. Someone didn't have a clue what they were selling.....I just have no idea! Just going on what I read in the description when I first read this post.
  8. No, it will not affect other channels.
  9. https://www.dropbox.com/s/whc6nnkpq4u7g7h/winter_wonderland SD.lms?dl=0
  10. Yes. In the preview design window there is a tab called string summary. click on that tab, then sort the prop rows by clicking on the Unit word at the top of the table. I was there last week cutting over my props to S5 and figured it out.
  11. I do realize the chances of this are slim to none, but ... If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and have a spare 1602 that you can part with on a Saturday night (see, what I mean by slim?) let me know. Please reply in this thread, and I'll contact you via PM, etc.
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