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  1. Take off of queen but christmas
  2. Updating the firmware fix it .The CC Ribbons are working but after 8 years one of the ribbons finally failed. well only the last half of the ribbon fail. I thought I'll just go to the Light O Rama store and buy me a replacement Ribbon. Holy Molly....why are they so expensive. $150 for just the ribbon. ....... I might as well put that towards a New Pixie 2 for $170 and get an included controller and room to add 100 more pixels well what I ended up doing is cutting off the bad half of the ribbon and now instead of having four 8 foot arches I have Three. Thanks Jim for the heads up on the firmware.
  3. I point them out towards the audience. Makes a nice effect like being at a TSO concert.
  4. make sure you use lots of WD40 when putting together and a day or two before taking it down. I am assuming you are using a pole pin to connect the sections?
  5. I remember! I may not be able to help you guys and a lot of others however if I have the knowledge and can steer someone my way I will stop what I am doing to assist. JR
  6. You are so helpful to everyone. Thanks for all you do for this hobby!
  7. Very sorry was tied up so unable to answer your call and didn’t see the text. You are welcome to call me. JR
  8. sorry, didn't mean to repost! Not good at multi-tasking!
  9. Just so you know, the singing faces that are being offered up in the forums here are for CTB16PCs or CMB24Ds. They normally consist of 7 or 8 channels and are not really the type of faces that you put on pixel trees.
  10. If you have them mounted to eves pointing down you're limited on distance. If they're pointed up you can cover a larger area. Just something to consider.
  11. My tree this year I went with black iron pipe from Lowe's they had 10 foot sections for $29 a piece. I bought the 12" pole pin coupler online for them and I have my tree mounted into a PVC sleeve surrounded by concrete in the ground. The hardest part was grinding down the inside seam on the poles so the pole pin coupler would fit. Mine is actually mounted 4 ft into the ground. Making it 16 feet tall. I also have the guy wire kit from one of the approved vendors as well. We had a strong rain the other day with wind gusts exceeding 45 miles an hour here in Florida and that pole did not budge at all. Thank you to all those in the forum who suggested that heavy duty black iron pipe. 100 times better than that flimsy top rail stuff.
  12. Good luck with new job. I think James has sequenced it for the AC channels. Tagging him James Morris so he will see this. If he hasn’t done so already I know he will sequence it. JR
  13. Here comes Santa clause by Gene Autry? Lost my copy would love to have this back.
  14. 🤣🤣🤣 All of your posts are in your profile. Here is your original post
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