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  1. Big night, weather was great, 800 treaters and lots of kids busting a move to the music. Walk thru and one of my songs. https://youtu.be/2oQY0KwEtpg https://youtu.be/cb38oOI7lmQ
  2. That concept has been done before. In essence you have controller output channel 1 goes to two separate lights (or strings). Only one of those will have a neutral at any given time. It does work just fine. One of the first displays I visited (and spent part of a day helping set up) did that exact thing on 15 mini-trees. Each tree had two strings of lights (one white and one green if I remember right). Controller channel 1 went to both strings on tree one, channel 2 went to both strings on tree two, etc. Channel 16 controlled a double throw relay that switched the neutral. When channel 16 was not energized, all the trees had one color enabled, and when channel 16 was energized, all the trees had the other color enabled. It only takes one relay to double (unless you want to retain the ability to have both on at the same time - in which case it does take 2 channels to control it). Personally I would not bother changing the opto-couplers - you just have to remember to always sequence it as on or off. I have several channels that control relays and another that supplies power to a 12 volt 4 amp DC linear power supply. As pointed out, a little bit of care is required to be safe - but very doable. Note BTW, that there is no way to accurately visualize it in the LOR software, so you do need to try to remember that when the "control" light in visualizer is green for example, then all the mini-trees are green, and when the "control" is white (or off), then all the mini-trees are white. Of course that depends on how you wire it.
  3. NEVER switch a Neutral without switching the HOT at the same time. This is Dangerous. That is one reason, for Wide prongs and the 'rib' on cords: so you connect the switch and the lamp 'base shell' correctly. This violates the NEC and is very unsafe as you can have a LIVE without a safe return.
  4. Sent Bohemian Rhapsody, per the subject of this thread. If you was looking for Christmas Rhapsody you should reply withing that thread so its not missed or look for my new thread when its complete. JR
  5. I also have used that transmitter for a few years and never a problem. Inexpensive and reliable. As for the hum or noise, often that is due to having transmitter too close to an RF source like the computer, or a poor quality audio cable, and sometimes even having the "wall wart" power supply too close to the transmitter. I think you would be ok with having this transmitter in the basement a long way from the street because it is almost too powerful to begin with.... even in the low power mode. Yet, to answer your question, I have a 25 ft audio cable on mine with absolutely no hum even when no songs are playing.
  6. If you keep it simple you miss out on an opportunity to use some first class profanity!!
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