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  1. I personally created this mixture of this audio and it is about a 4 and a half minute mix. It is a mixture of a bunch of songs and movie clip audio. Sharing now. NO SELLING This is free for everyone to use. Feel free to adjust it to your display as needed. Feel free to re-share any added parts. But please give credit where credit is due. Audio link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MH0Mc3vGSPAcCXiAGdUfFpzvgwvC5LCm/view?usp=sharing LMS link (contains 64 ac channels, 4 pixel arches, 8 rgb mini trees, 5 channel ac arches, and dumb node mega tree) Last 16 ac channels are neighbors house on a single 16 channel controller https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Qn9qlivL49IixqMEvN6OemtJ-iXPHz2S/view?usp=sharing
  2. k6ccc

    Last used light don't turn off.

    Since LOR can start a show on a trigger, but not shut down a show based on a trigger, it was the only work around I could find. The alternative (which I did for sever years) was to change the scheduled end time every week or two as the sunrise time changed. Actually I was suggesting the shutdown sequence with all the channels having a 1% to off command. That makes sure each channel gets an off.
  3. k6ccc

    Last used light don't turn off.

    I can only tell you what I do. My operation is very similar to yours except my transition from evening to overnight is at 2200 during the week and 2300 on the weekends. I'm going to give you more detail because it may give either you or someone else reading this thread some ideas. The last paragraph may be the most important to you... At 1600, my evening landscape show starts, however it is set to start on a trigger so it does not actually start doing anything until it gets dark. There is a light sensor on an input of an InputPup that sends a trigger when it gets dark. Currently, the show is actually starting at about 1810. There is a startup sequence that turns on the lights in a sequence that takes 10 seconds. There is also a Windows command that writes two log file entries and sends me an E-Mail that the show started and which computer it is running on. At 2200 or 2300 the evening show ends. There is a shutdown sequence that turns most of the lights off or for the few that stay on overnight, into their overnight state. That sequence also has a Windows command that write a couple log entries and send me An E-Mail telling me that the overnight show is starting. The lights are NOT turned off at the end of the transition sequence. As soon as evening shutdown sequence ends, the overnight show starts. It contains exactly one four minute sequence that is totally static. There are also a couple of interactive sequence groups. One of those interactive groups is triggered by a different light sensor that detects the sun coming up. When it triggers, there is exactly one channel and that is a connected to a 12 volt wall wart power supply that in turn powers a 12V relay that when energized, disconnects the LOR networks from all the rest of my controllers. When the controllers lose heartbeat from the show computer, they shut off any lights. I had to do it that way because LOR does not have any way to shut down a show based on an interactive trigger. That "sun is up" sequence has a Windows command that writes one log entry and sends the overnight log file to my E-Mail. At 0700, the overnight show schedule concludes. The overnight show has a shutdown sequence that in the first timing, turns every channel from 1% to 0%. This is really a leftover from before I had the interactive based shutdown, but was very effective. Because each channel gets a "Go from 1% to 0%" command, it does (or did) turn off any channels very effectively. That sequence DOES have the "Turn used lights off at the end of each sequence" checkbox checked. It is the ONLY section of either show that has that box checked. That shutdown sequence also has a Windows command that writes one log entry and sends the overnight log file to my E-Mail.
  4. It was the old ones. but the video Tom linked me to was exactly what I needed. I thought maybe they had forgot to cut the holes for the band clamps to mount it to the mega tree pole. Didn't realize the way they had it set up was all you had to do was slightly puncture it to get the bands to go through.
  5. Al Saunders

    Regular string mega tree

    Well, had a good weekend. Got 11 of the 24 superstrings done with the help of my wife un-bagging the strings and removing the tags and fuses from each. So far only one string has 1/2 the lights out. I replaced the fuses but that didn't do it. I'm going to check the remaining strings before contacting the vendor to see if they can help me or not (purchased during 2016 pre-sale). I don't have any extra 70 ct C6 strings but have 100 ct C6 strings I'm using for tree wraps so I may use one of those and cover the extra 30 bulbs in a contractor bag or something. Using Tom/Santas Helper's technique of hooking the cable to two fixed points really makes if easier! I didn't get one of those zip tie tools so my thumbs are raw. LOL Anyway, I'll post pics soon. Have a great day everyone! Al
  6. HC has a video that explains ways to mount them if these are the boxes you are referring to . Here it is. Tom
  7. Confused here! Do you have the Gableguard 1500 or do you have the New HC enclosure? I have 4 CG1500. I used #14 lag bolts thru the back center (bolt pockets) into wood poles (you could also bolt the to flat surfaces). I just drilled the thin spots to clear the bolts' If you are really worried about water coming in. Barn Screws (major hardware stores have these by each) https://www.amazon.com/Metal-ROOFING-SCREWS-Charcoal-starting/dp/B00TUCRVJ2?keywords=barn+screws&qid=1540827447&sr=8-16&ref=sr_1_16
  8. k6ccc

    S5 Media File Edit

    Yes there is. Pretty much the same place that it was in S4:
  9. Ugh having troubles getting the audio.... so cool!!! I just got to have it. I figured it out so cool.................. Big thank you
  10. keyboards

    G3-mp3 issue

    Another thing I just noticed. You said you "dropped the sequences" on to the card. Were these specifically written to the card from the LOR software, or did you just do a windows copy of the files? That may make a major difference in how the controller interprets the files. Personally, I used the Hardware utility / LOR MP3 tab to build the show and schedule it. I actually had 2 different cards; one for the tree lighting ceremony which was externally triggered (when they flipped the switch), and then did a second one for the hourly shows that run through December 31st. If you did the windows copy, use the Hardware utility and try it. It does work well!
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