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  1. I would like to ask a favor of all my friends here. Halloween is my wife's favorite holiday. With be not being able to do her show this year, I would like to try and make her feel a little special. Would any of you be willing to send my wife a Halloween card? Thank you. Raenee Thompson Po box 568 Siletz OR 97380
  2. Dang dude. That’s great of you to be thinking of her so much. Makes me tear up.
  3. Orville

    New guy

    It depends on what your question is about, there are several different sub forums here where you'd ask questions, they've got them set up for just about anything you need to know. Sometimes you can use the search option on the forums and it may come up with an answer, sometimes not. it's a hit and miss. But when you know what you want to ask about, try and find the best forum that will match what you're asking, then folks will know a little better how to answer the question{s} you're wanting the answer{s} to. Also update your profile with the LOR Software Suite and License level you're using, as sometimes many answers depend on that as well. It'll help us answer your questions correctly as someone still using an older version, like version 3 could possibly be a completely different answer from Version 4, and the newest Version 5 is completely different from any previous versions, so someone that's using Version 5 would be better to answer a question on that one. One of the best places on the forum for or new user to read in would be the Newbies forum, there is a lot of info in there as well. Read through the manuals you get, read the forums, search and if you just can't find the answer, ask. Someone here will provide an answer. One note on this, right now many are finishing up their Halloween or starting their Christmas displays, or will be after Halloween is over, so answers may not come as quickly as you'd like, just be patient, most of us try to check in here at least 1 or 2 times a week, I try and check in daily when I can, and if I see your question and can help, I'll surely try as will most everyone here. Welcome to the addiction and my tag line says it all as you learn and keep learning how to do things with the LOR Hardware and Software. LOL
  4. ~DOC~

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    Well I did it I should have two crb16pc this week. Yea I know I want the pixels but I need to take baby steps. Hope you all will help me. Just want a moderate display this year. More questions coming once I get them. Oh yes I did decide to go straight to pro on the software. So where do I go to help you out to help me out. I am in so many words happy. But also sick because the money I spent. I also bought 1500 more lights to add to my already 5000 plus. Lol
  5. In S4, it was a little tricky to get the color fade tool to fill a single cell. In S5 it is actually much easier. Just uncheck the "Clicking an empty cell does matching fill" box. Matt
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