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    PSU + Power Supply Unit
  2. I will be turning on tonight have everthing ready to go
  3. Step one, you're going to need to either fix, borrow or buy a working voltmeter. Without KNOWING what voltage the LEDs are operating at, anything else is guessing.
  4. Hello all Indeed look at the powersupply specifications. If not full range 110 - 250 => replace. For devices that run directely from 110v, ONLY use a big transformer. Calculate the amount of power needed, and don't be scared to buy a realy big transformer if needed. But using two kind of voltages in one show is very tricky, as connecting to the wrong outlet is a big risk. The lights or controller will do it for a very short while than. (miliseconds ) ( A transformer of 1 Kw can keep a tent from blowing away in a storm ? ) NEVER use converters as many do chop of the bottom part of the Sinusphase to supply half the power or cut the cylce in half. Those converters will destroy any electronic device connected to them, they are only intended to use with things like old bulp lamps. They will destroy led lamps and many powersupplies and devices who are intended to run on 110 only. The voltage peaks will get a lot above 110V and blow everything. On the other hand, if you use 230V strings you can deliver twice the amount of power per channel on a AC controller. As the max amps is the same but the voltage is about twice as high. For the 230volt ledstrings, I just buy the locally from a manufacturer of Christmas decorations nearby, as they use very much 230 volt for the decorations still. http://www.light2000.nl/ All low voltage stuff I get from Ray Wu mostly. ( China ) Best regards Dick de Wit The Netherlands
  5. I spent 8 years in Japan back quite a few years ago 30 ago. Dang. Even back then we could buy "step down" transformers for all of our American electronics. I would hope there are some step up transformers. I just assisted a member here from Italy. Did it all through Google Translator and Team Viewer, LOL. He got all of his stuff from LOR. Perhaps you can start your own Mini in Italy. His UN ~ P ierpaolo He posted his email address in his help thread in case you wanted/ needed to reach out with someone there. Esp if you speak Italian. JR
  6. Europe is mostly 240V (50Hz). If you have Pixels (smart or dumb) , just check your power supplies are 240V capable (100-250 means it auto switches. 120/240 means you need to make a jumper/switch change. 120V means your hosed ? as far as simple) For low power stuff (wall wort size), just by a Step Down voltage transformer (they will be heavy: pounds. IMHO avoid an 'electronic' converter. Note: power plugs vary by country, Adapters are temporary. If you know what standard, roam surplus electronics sites and grab cords with the correct plugs (you can always cut the other end off. AC controllers are a different ball game. LOR can advise about conversion to 240V. BUT you will need to replace all hose 5-15R pigtails.
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