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  1. james morris

    start up Halloween

    I will be turning on tonight have everthing ready to go
  2. Mr. P

    New guy

    Watts / volts = amps, if you have 36 watt strings on 12v = 3amps.
  3. Mr. P

    New guy

    Recommended smart pixel extensions: http://www1.lightorama.com/pixel-extensions/
  4. Orville

    Stupidity is running rampant

    Wow! Another soon to be winner of a Darwin Award for sure! BTW: that's NOT stupid, that's just downright BRAIN DEAD! And their body will be soon to follow if they find those in "Stainless Steel!" ????? I know I shouldn't laugh so hard, but seriously, how can you not at something so ridiculous?
  5. TheDucks

    Stupidity is running rampant

    Sure you can. Have them install those with the power on. All Fixed ?
  6. GriswoldStyle

    Stupidity is running rampant

    Too bad the company's response wasnt "sure we can make them in stainless steel and even add in a shock factor for you free of charge..... "
  7. bisquit476

    Stupidity is running rampant

    You just can't fix stupid.
  8. ItsMeBobO

    Forum Jargon

    This may need some content editing to better convey the meaning for beginners.
  9. k6ccc

    Our 2018 Display!

    Where's the video?
  10. k6ccc

    Forum Jargon

    PE = Pixel Editor RGB = Red, Green, Blue (generally referring to strips or pixel). PI = Power Injection S4 = Light O Rama Showtime software version 4 S5 = Light O Rama Showtime software version 5 (a major change) Sequencer = The combination of Sequence Editor and Pixel Editor that is now the core of S5 BTW, a suggestion to edit your profile to include software license level and software version. The reason is that WHEN (not if) you ask questions, very often the answer depends on those two pieces of information. If you display that in your profile, it saves having one of use have to ask and then you answer...
  11. k6ccc

    Problem compressing sequence

    Glad it worked!
  12. A short story to share: I was on Amazon to buy some more plastic outlet covers, you know the kind you push into the outlet. I use these to keep the water out of my light strings instead of taping the ends. After finding the product I was going to purchase I went down to read the reviews and questions and here is what I read: Q: I don't like the look of the cheap plastic, do you sell these in stainless steel? Really? Really? I hope this wasn't a serious question.I just don't understand some people these days.
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