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  1. Orville made a 'one word post' !!!
  2. My wife works for the CDC in Atlanta and every year they are instructed that they can't wear Christmas type clothing or even wish anyone a Merry Christmas at work because it offends people. I went to pick my wife up from work one time last year and my car has one of those magnetic ribbons on the back that says "Merry Christmas" and some lady told me I had to take it off my car. I told her that I didn't work there and to stop being a Grinch, but I bet she is the first person to submit her Christmas leave.
  3. People will be offended because it represents Christmas. "Just let it go" and do what makes you happy.
  4. Oh horse pucky. Do what you want. As much time and money as you spend, you’re the one that matters.
  5. Thanks P the computer is old like me ,, it has a crank, its an old dell laptop with vista, worked fine last year. David
  6. Mr P- I feel bad for you now. I remember back, you gave me some very detailed information. As always much appreciated but I didn’t expect to keep you busy for hours. My apologies, it did help though and much appreciated. You , Jim , Bob and Orville - all much appreciated JR
  7. I'll take that as a compliment. I give detailed answers...
  8. Shhh, actually if the wife was with me I would want to get to where I was going a lot sooner. If she's with me it may only take me an hour or less to get there!????? If I could afford to move, I'd move over to the West Coast area, Plant City to be exact. Then I could go and watch the trains at the diamond and train museum over there. Haven't been there since they built that new train viewing platform for rail buffs like me.
  9. I'm sure I will. I forgot that today {Monday] was Labor Day and a Holiday. *DOH!* So shipping companies are probably closed for public use today, only run to business locations that may be open, at least that's how it was when I worked in an electronics warehouse a long time back now So just let me know when they are on the way, and I'll start keeping a lookout for them.
  10. You and your wife are digging in on this one! It would be easy to have two sequences slightly different. One to play when your wife won't see it. Its a minor statement for sure, if at all. You never know when people pick up on things and imagine there are sides and you are picking one. If they are sensitive to that stuff. On this one, its hard for me to think people will notice or care. There are constant rainbows in my pixel show that mean nothing and are not related to any topic. In my neighborhood there is a Church with a huge rainbow diversity banner which is seen a lot more than my light show ever would. I am Christian but also refuse to play overtly Christian music especially any song which is more like Easter (any reference to cross, dying, suffering, rising) . The religious Christmas songs I play are only about the day or the baby, happy, honoring, giving. But then about 70% of my air time is 'winter' themes or pop music and almost all of it is the last week of December and any January.
  11. And it's because of this idiocy we call "political Correctness", I am seriously considering adding this song into my Christmas Display: "A Politically Incorrect Christmas Song" I find it hilarious, but I'm sure there are going to be some that find it offensive. And a rainbow is a rainbow, God gave us the rainbow as a gift to tell us that God would never flood the entire Earth again. And it is usually displayed after a rainstorm, but I've seen them at times because the atmospheric conditions were conducive to creating one. My church has no issue with rainbows, the issue most folks have is the fact that a particular community took a beautiful icon as their symbol. At least's the majority of complaints I've heard from both sides, Christian and even non-Christians alike just don't agree with the way the rainbow is used a a symbol for any particular group, that was not what God intended for that creation. Sorry, not trying to be political or bring religion into it, but unfortunately that's where all this controversy over it comes from. And yes, I'd use a rainbow in my display, if someone is offended, so sad, too bad, it is however, MY DISPLAY and ON MY PROPERTY, so that really makes it MY CHOICE, not theirs or anyone else's. After all, last time I checked we still have freedom of expression and freedom of speech in America. Other countries I can't say. And this is all I will say on this particular subject.
  12. Bottom line, “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”
  13. Thats a tough question..... from a religious perspective I honestly think I would not do that. I personally would not do the rainbow colors at that section because that's not what the religion or the original song based it off of, but that's just me. there is a huge part of the population that frowns upon that and does not wish to be a part of everything having to involve lgbtq. I have neighbor's who are but we also have neighbors who are offended by their flamboyantness. So Nomatter what you do, you will offend somebody. (I offend somebody every year at some point whether it's a neighbor, my choice of music, a visitor or with my Halloween decorations) However some regular repeat visitors might be offended by turning it into it lgbtq issue. That's a small portion of the country so you may not want to single them out. Keep in mind the religious aspect of it back then did frown upon it. your wife does have the point of it possibly being offencive correct however it's not the lgbtq community she needs to worry about it would be the religious community that frowns upon it. But it's your show so do as you wish. I personally just keep politics, current issues and political correctness out of my show. One of the biggest problems we run into nowadays is a cross between religion and freedom of choice. There's no participation trophies involved so do what makes you and your show feel happy. Regardless of who it offends but do take both aspects into consideration. To err on the side of safety I would just eliminate that part personally.
  14. Please keep the lights below 10,000 watts. (Because that intro sounds like a way larger show)
  15. It all depends on which Pentatonix song you are trying to upload. I have had YouTube flag "Mary Did you Know" but I have it on Vimeo. Vimeo has blocked some also. I have "Little Drummer Boy" on YouTube with no problem. Like I said just depends on the song. Tom
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