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  1. I'm trying to figure out what you are doing different. The only way I have found it to play only one prop is if you click on a motion effect for that prop and NOT press a play button. In that case, that motion effect will play. However if you press a play button, everything plays. I can't make it do otherwise.
  2. TheDucks

    To ground or not to ground your mega tree

    We had a rare lightning storm back about 2000 in the SF bay area. I had 2 stores in the same city, lose their BiSync RS232 cards at both ends, just from the induced current in the under slab 300' run from the back office to the front end (registers). In one case, the strike was across the street. No one had a clue where the other happened. Only the equipment with the under floor cable was damaged, making us sure that it was NOT a powerline surge. Currents flowing in the earth can be HUGE from a strike. That can couple like a transformer to a single lead. What dibblejr explained, is what can happen, even when precautions were taken. I've visited a mountain top fire lookout. There are multiple rods on the roof, each has 4/0 copper direct to the ground rod below. The ranger has a step stool with big glass insulators that they stand on and their instructions are to keep their arms close to their sides. Even sticking a hand out can pick up a deadly charge from the air. Keep the lead to the ground rod as short as possible. GFCI's are NOT surge protectors. They only protect USERS against unbalance Line (Hot-Neutral) current
  3. beeiilll

    To ground or not to ground your mega tree

    I am an electrician for 30 years so far and give this one note a big plus!! My electrical inspector is the biggest help to have. You can go by all the NEC and local regulations but inspectors have seen and know a lot of the "little things" that can make life easier, safer, and better. Being that they have "seen it all" in the trade, they are happy to help out homeowners and others with questions. I picked up so many little tips over the years from the inspectors that made things nicer for me and my customers. I had the unfortunate instance of having lightning strike my house years ago. It took out a lot of equipment and worst of all my server, 3 separate computers, and the loss of a great deal of data. I was in the process of updating a lot of records and getting a lot of old information put into digital (records, photos, drawings, etc) at the time and almost all of it was lost and unrecoverable by a data service! I was running a year-long test of different types of sealants for using with connections for this hobby at the time and lost all the data on that as well! I am now a "true believer" in having grounds and other means of protection against lightning.
  4. You might want to talk to your local building inspector and ask for a recommendation. Being a temp installation, it's not something that becomes a building permit requirement. If the inspectors there are anything like they are here, they will give you recommendations.
  5. dibblejr

    To ground or not to ground your mega tree

    You should see my videos as to what happens when you take a direct lightning strike when you take the best of precautions from things controllable by you but the satellite network company fails to properly ground their network dish to your service pole. Almost as close to you in FL as LA (lower Alabama) person can get. Geneva Burnt everything I owned on my farm including well over 2 miles of underground security camera cables. I had the best surge suppressors a civilian could buy/ afford. Every wire connected to my building including my camper fried. Service contractor allowed us to video record him while he surveyed the damage and pointed fault to dish installer for "floating the ground". Structures were steel so not damaged. Everywhere there was a junction box under ground there was shrapnel in the trees, fields etc. Everything in my building was blown off the walls. Whole home surge protector, what was sup to be the best non commercial network surge protetor was fried, all network stuff, computer, tv, refrigerator. Nothing was spared. Even well pump, gone. That was the one storm I am glad I didn't stay on the farm in the camper. I have stayed during lightning storms and had my air stand up from the static created. Fun stuff. JR
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