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  1. Back to the original subject. This was my 2017 song list: Song title Artist Wizards In Winter Trans Siberian Orchestra Christmas Cannon Trans Siberian Orchestra You're a Mean one Mr. Grinch Burl Ives Jingle Bells Barry Manilow with Expose' Hark! The Harold Angles Sing Lake Ave. Church Organ & Orchestra God Bless the USA The American Patriots Deck the Halls Mannheim Steamroller Carol of the Bells (Christmas Eve / Sarajeva 12/24) Trans Siberian Orchestra Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer Gene Autry All I Want for Christmas is You Mariah carey Feliz Navidad Jose Feliciano The Hanukkah Song Elliot Dvorin Soldier's Silent Night Father Ted Berndt I'm using MIIP so people watching can pick the songs. For 2018, I expect that the songs will not be changing because I am spending all my time adding props, so massive re-sequencing just to get the new stuff added. I'm adding: Two singing Christmas trees - JR will be sending me the sequences for these - THANK YOU! Six Coro Candy Canes (these have been in most of the sequences for a couple years, just not built) 24 string Mega-tree with each string having RGB dumb nodes + AC mult-color string Rebuild 12 x 50 pixel tree to become 24 x 100 pixel tree Replace two dumb RGB Tune To signs with a P5 and a P10 matrix All told, about 61,000 additional channels...
  2. I remember when I started this whole thing about seven years ago. I started my Christmas setup the day after Thanksgiving as I always start the show on December 1st. As the show grew I moved setup to November 15th. and now it's so large starting two years ago I started on November 1st. Next year I am going to have to get some helpers even if I start on November 1st as this is getting too big for one person anymore.
  3. Always good to earn extra money. Even better when someone appreciates all the hard work and effort that goes into work. Been a couple great stories in the news here in my area in the past few weeks about people down and out going the extra mile to get and keep their job. 1- 23 year olds car broke down the night prior to him starting his new job. He walked 23 miles and withing a few miles from his job the police picked him up and after hearing his story took him to bfast and then to the job site. 2- High School grad worked his complete shift at a fast food place. Didn't tell his boss about graduation. He didn't receive his diploma. After hearing the story his school held a special graduation ceremony , yesterday. JR
  4. our Halloween and Christmas shows share a few items (P10 panels, Pixel trees, spots/floods) so we start early October. We try to have the Halloween show start October 15th and then tear down the Halloween specific items Nov 1st. We will run the mower one more time and then start setting up for Christmas. We try to have it running by November 15th but will only run on weekends. Full show starts Black Friday along with Santa appearances on weekend (my wife and I dress up as Mr and Mrs Santa).
  5. I start Halloween on or around Oct 15 as Halloween show is smaller. Halloween comes down and Christmas starts going up on Nov 1.
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