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  1. ItsMeBobO

    Papa Assist (Utility for Papagoya)

    Seems like the time already spent talking about and looking for it has exceeded the time saved by using it.
  2. dibblejr

    Spirit of Christmas

    Since James and I have produced a lot of Halloween sequences for this season I will use this for my Expo tutorial. Meaning I will/ should complete this either during that event. Will only take me about 4 hours any way. LOL JR
  3. Will get on this as soon as I finish a couple others JR
  4. james morris

    Spirit of Christmas

    Any time Im ready
  5. dibblejr

    Spirit of Christmas

    Funny you mention this. This is one on my list for my presentation at the Expo. Since it is one voice. However not sure since I have a Halloween song as well. With that being said, perhaps James, I , Don and Greg will produce this. JR
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