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  1. (Note: I am upgrading from 5.0.16 to 5.0.22) With respect to Preview Design 1.) From the main sequencer window menu. Under the menu "Window", this is shown as "Previews" as against "Preview Design" as it is in the resultant window. This could be construed as in consistent. 2.) If you open a preview design and click "Add Item". One of the options is "Add LOR device". While DMX is supported by LOR, I don't think of DMX hardware as "an LOR device". I wasn't expecting to find this option there. I think it should be a level higher. 3.) If you add a (15 channel?) DMX device via the method listed in #2, it will create a 15 line items in the list making up the props.... This is a massive amount of real estate, and I really wish you could compress this list. Meanwhile, if you add it as a "prop", then it gets defined as a single line item (such as if you create a matrix), much tidier. 4.) I really like the online prop imports. I also really like the way you close the loop here making it possible to buy hardware for the props here also. (good for you!)
  2. caniac

    Greenwich Lights 2017

    Time and Motion was awesome work, impressive.
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