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  1. Orville

    Low voltage AC/DC Adapter

    When I need low voltage for "DC" lights{like L.E.D.'s} using an AC output adapter, I'll usually add not only a full wave diode bridge, but since the adapter may put out higher voltage than I want or feel comfortable with, I'll use a voltage regulator in the circuit as well, if I need 12VDC: I use an LM7812, 9VDC: an LM7809 or lower: 5VDC then an LM7805. I also heat sink the voltage regulators because they do and can get quite hot! I also use these inside my Garden size model trains for L.E.D. lights and low voltage fan blown smoke units {replacement for original non-fan blown smoke systems} inside locomotives and smoking caboose stock. Been using these methods for years reliably.
  2. k6ccc


    I just attempted to duplicate your issue. It worked fine for me, but I want to confirm a setting. You said 4 RGB arches with 25 sections each. I assume you mean 25 RGB pixels per arch. In Preview Editor, did you really set it up as 25 segments of one pixel per segment, or did you set it up as 1 segment with 25 pixels? I did it the latter and it worked.
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