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  1. Andy Anderson

    11th Annual Virginia Mini

    The 11th Annual Virginia Mini will be held on Saturday, May 19. Matthew Satterwhite has graciously offered to host the mini again this year. The location will be Hanover Academy located at 115 Frances Road in Ashland, VA23005. HanoverAcademy is just off I95 in Ashland which is on the north side of Richmond. The minis are an excellent opportunity to meet with other Christmas lighting enthusiasts to share ideas, design plans, implementation, sequencing or just to meet other with the same goals in Christmas lighting displays. We want to allow time for everyone attending to introduce themselves and tell us about their favorite display element. We want to give you a heads up so you can prepare to either bring the element or take pictures or videos of it and describe the details of how you built it and how it works. This could take some time, but we'll all learn so much more! Anything from your display that you would like to share with the group. Talk about why it is special to you, or why you made it, how you made it or anything you want to share about it. There is always a story to tell. We will provide drinks. Like last year we are asking everyone to bring some food to share with the group for lunch. Cost will be $5 per person to pay for use of the building. We will start with a meet and greet about 11:00 AM, with lunch at noon. Then start the mini at 1:00 PM and be over by 4:00 PM Matthew & I look forward to seeing everyone.
  2. Mr. P

    2018 Spring Sale

    The person who doesn't get their order until July.
  3. default


    *bump* Mr. P posted this back in November, and it still holds true. At a glance, some problems can be identified just by the License Level and/or Software Version that the poster is not aware of. The more details in your post can/will help others help you. It is easy to change your profile and only takes a few minutes. Alan...
  4. Dcroc

    Collection of usage data

    Just....please.....whatever you do.....DO NOT share my browser history with my wife!!! Between this, and Obama watching me thru my microwave.......I feel so violated.
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