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  1. Mr. P


    For all the new lighters joining the Forums, PLEASE fill in your profile. We are not really interested in where you live even though your location could help as we would know the weather. The more important things are your software version and license level. These two things can probably fix many of the issues out there so PLEASE fill in your profile.
  2. dibblejr

    Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    Blue bonnet onit
  3. depending on how much information you are looking and where in NC you are, I moved back here two months ago and brought both P10's with me.
  4. k6ccc


    Very helpful to know what version and license level, but location can be very helpful - things that are an issue in snow & ice country often are not here. Also nice to know when there are people close enough to either visit their show or come over to help with problems. Also for location, give us something useful. For example CA could be California, Canada, Cambodia, and I'm sure a few others.
  5. MGoBlue102

    Receiving Unit Options for P10 Panels

    Update. Just moments ago I learned about other sending and receiving products under the Nova Star brand name. Going to be checking it out shortly. Found some nice folks in Florida that deal with this professionally. Olympian LED is the name of the company. I am trying to absorb as much as I possibly can in order to have this P10 thing figured out before the holidays.
  6. caniac


    Amen to that, so many of these folks have a LOR "veteran" living nearby and don't know it.
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