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  1. rcktpwrd

    Come on Fridayyyy

    HAHAHA I have this T-shirt:
  2. Santas Helper

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    makes Bill carefree
  3. I am running a 64bit windows 10 system. I am crashing my system EVERY TIME without fail when i add a group. I am not sure you are aware, and you are more than welcome to login to my system to do what you will (I have it on Team Viewer and LogMeIn fyi). I get this every time. Took me a while to see what it was that was causing it, but it was me trying to get groups. Even when doing a new one I am crashing. Thoughts?
  4. Mega Arch

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    be patient Tom
  5. I used the white plastic lattice - I knew they would last longer in the winter weather than wood. I think I bought 4 sheets - but I honestly don't remember. You can see them in my display here starting at 1:57:
  6. default

    S5 back ground image

    Does this way not work for you? Alan...
  7. Santas Helper

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    Makes great popcorn
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