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  1. LOR software/harware Controlling a DMX moving head w/LEDS

    Yeah I seen that too! I thought those lights would be mega expensive and quickly dismissed it. But I see now, it is really a dome over what you linked too. Just awesome.
  2. LOR software/harware Controlling a DMX moving head w/LEDS

    SANTA'S HELPER, HHhhhmmmm, helps if I had put the "moving heads" on the topic. LOL! I had tried DMX to LOR software, DMX LEDS to LOR Software but very limited. Thank you! John
  3. LOR software/harware Controlling a DMX moving head w/LEDS

    I just bought two also. They are fun to play with. https://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/0.html?spm=a2g0s.9042647.6.2.WV8KOy&orderId=88605653203095&productId=32792886786 Be interested to see yours. I made an RJ 45 to 3pin XLR cable using pins 4,5 and 6 (if memory serves) and plugged them into a second LOR RS 485 adaptor. Configured them as dmx universe and set them up as two groups of 11 channels in S4 sequence editor 4.3.26, added to my existing config and sequences. If you want the exact details I will have to walk back through it with the SE in front of me. Programming is a bit tedious but doable and just consists of setting dmx values from 1 to 255. For example intensity is fully variable from 1 to 255 on dmx universe 30, Chan 6. Pan is u 30 Chan 1 0 to 540 degrees, dmx 1 to 255. Red gobo is u30 Chan 7 value 22 to 31 Green is u30 Chan 7 value 32 to 42. And so on. Obviously they are not outdoor or in any way weather resistant, but I am considering removing the fans, and hanging them under my eaves out of the weather. We'll see if they even last until Christmas. They are getting a lot of use just playing with them.
  4. LOR software/harware Controlling a DMX moving head w/LEDS

    Hummm, I got 6 pages worth of info when I did a search for "Moving Heads" here in the forum. http://forums.lightorama.com/search/
  5. You absolutely can drive your DMX moving heads with LOR software. You MUST define a DMX network, and in SE use DMX intensity. I'm sorry, but I have S5 on this computer so I can't tell you exactly how to do that in s4, but I know there is a setting to do so.