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  1. Yepper. Huge slowdown when trying on a large amount of props.....45 seconds!
  2. Good morning 8track, Why do you want lor software to control this sign? has it to work together with existing sequences or stand alone? If stand alone you can use any microcontroller to drive such a display, for instance an arduino with a clock module to keep time with some hardware added in the form shift register/driving chips for the leds.( or powerfets if more leds used in the segments) Even the suggestion to use 14 or 16 segment displays and make a scrolling text would be possible this way. Need some arduino programming skills with the help of several libraries to make it happen. ( even some influence from the lor sequencer is possible when adding dmx shield on the arduino). one example is https://github.com/AnthonyDiGirolamo/MAX6954, Here they use small displays, but creating large ones is just using more leds in series. Best regards Dick de Wit The Netherlands
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