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  1. Matt, I was able to fix the problem by using LORRegistryWipe.exe after I uninstalled 5.0.18. I then reinstalled 5.0.18 and everything worked and I did not have to re-register as I kept my registration info when I ran LORRegistryWipe.exe. I hope this helps others. Tom
  2. Hi, I don't have much for a tutorial. I will sit down and put something together about the figures. I enjoy putting that show out every Halloween and try to add something new each year. This year I hope to build a Skeleton peering into a crystal ball. I'll use some LOR stuff to do effects from within the frosted hollow ball. Should be fun and entertaining when it summons something into the ball that's less than desireable. Ever seen a startled skeleton??
  3. I hope the OP will return and elaborate. Baited the hook and casted the line. I am a hungry fish! I am not to proud to say that.
  4. A few years ago i had a couple in a convertible watching and listening to a different station. I suggested if he tune to my station he could see the lights syncd to the music. He replied indignantly that he liked his station better.
  5. That's because your not a Platinum or Gold member :-)
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