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  1. I was working on my sequences today and was using a couple of different programs to create customized animated gif pictures for use with LOR S5 Effects Generator. I made a tutorial that explains how I make the gifs, then use them in LOR S5. The first program I use is called Jinx. I use this program for capturing animated screens. This program has a lot of features and is worth looking at if you intend to make your own customized gifs, and it's free. The second program I use is Camtasia, it is a Video Editor with Screen capture abilities. It is not free, in fact it is not cheap. $199.00 I think. However it was on my Christmas wish list, and Santa came through for me. It is a very powerful and full featured video editor. It has a free 2 week trial. The original gif started out as this I added this background to it. and came out with this This is the video tutorial of how I did all this. Hope you enjoy. Alan...
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    crawling out ears
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    Where is the Flood Prop?

    To add a visual to what ebrown said, here's a short gif to show you. Alan...
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