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  1. Length of Network

    I noticed the new (v2) Pixie4's have a Jumper assigned as Termination. That makes it simple, JUST jumper the last unit on the line.
  2. Length of Network

    For end of the network terminators, I build up RJ-45 connectors that have an RJ-45 connector with a 120 ohm 1/8 watt resistor between pins 4 & 5, and a second 120 ohm 1/8 watt resistor between pins 1 & 2. The reason for the resistor on pins 1 & 2 is that one of these days I may end up doing something with DMX equipment and DMX uses pins 1 & 2 for the data. The termination plug plugs into the unused connector on the last controller. For the adapter end of the network, I have a RJ-45 jack (commonly called a biscuit) at the end of the cable going out into the yard. I terminate the the data pair in the jack and then have a short patch cable to the USB adapter.
  3. Length of Network

    Data pair are pins 4 & 5 in the cat 5. Your very last controller in a network will only have one cat5 cable going in so you make a terminator and plug that into the second rj45 port.
  4. Forsale singing trees

    Doesn't mean you have to post your "personal feelings" on someone's for sale thread. No matter how you feel that is a heck of a deal for anyone that lives close enough to go pick them up. That's about as close to plug and play as you can get in this hobby. JR
  5. Forsale singing trees

    Burn them.