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  1. Ebuechner

    Forsale singing trees

    I think I'm going to be selling my for singing faces from holiday Coro because I'm switching to a p 10 panel. I have four of the smaller trees that I gave unique faces to. All of them are Run by One Renard 32 Plus controller. I'm in the Madison Wisconsin area. Here they are in action. By the way many of those faces you find on xlights I think are mine so far I've submitted about 30 that I've made up. I'm having way too much fun making up faces to go on to the P 10 panel.
  2. dibblejr

    Forsale singing trees

    Doesn't mean you have to post your "personal feelings" on someone's for sale thread. No matter how you feel that is a heck of a deal for anyone that lives close enough to go pick them up. That's about as close to plug and play as you can get in this hobby. JR
  3. Brian Mitchell

    Forsale singing trees

    Burn them.
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