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  1. Time to start

    I run one sequence looped. I use it as my ambient sound and light show for my haunt display. It's not transmitted through an FM transmitter but rather through nice powerful speakers for the full deep frequencies to vibrate the body and brain. It's not entertainment to be experienced from the car. It sets the mood for when you get out of the car to get your treat. The lights attract them like moths to a bug light. The music creeps their inner souls once they approach the house. Come get your candy kids....
  2. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    hey Mr Bill
  3. Time to start

    Great way to start the morning. Coffee snot rockets everywhere!
  4. How do you keep it fresh?

    Sorry, I meant to post it above and got side-tracked. Monkeyrack. com Videos and all. About the same prices as 2 AC Controllers LOL JR
  5. How do you keep it fresh?

    I use a lift for my tree (well I did in the past). It didn't change the way I did it. Put hook head up hang the lights and evenly spread as I went. I use a spacer. My base loop was 20' diameter. Takes extra time but with OCD its a must. 6400 lights and 400 on star. 22' MT Unfortunately my hook head broke the day after it went up but I reverted back to the old true Al frying pan for my head. My BS backup head wasn't large enough for my top section (tower). What a mess of tangled wires. This year I have purchased a device that attaches to my truck receiver and then I attach a ladder to it. The angle should be perfect. You can use up to a 40' ladder. Will pay for itself in a year. I haven't installed or tested yet but it should work perfect. I too have a large yard, just under 2 acres but with the addition of my Matrix and CCR mega tree in 2017 it started filling up quick. JR
  6. RGB lights from LOR are more "plug-n-play" then ones from other vendors. With LOR you assign a unit ID and they start playing on the LOR network. RGB lights from other vendors such as HC are usually used on the E1.31 network as they are not as compatible and have more programming involved such as networking and IP addresses. There are pros and cons to each: LOR units come built, programmed, work directly on their network but usually cost a little more. Other vendors you have to build yourself, program, use on E.31 but cost a little less. LOR does offer build your own kits which will save you some money as well.