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  1. Dennis Laff

    Forsale singing trees

    Decided to retire the holiday Coro trees. Used for 5 seasons . Forsale. 4 Holiday Coro singing trees and 1 holiday Coro. Singing Santa face. Thease are the 4 ft square ones all have led lights from Holiday Lights Express . Plus two lor CTB16c controllers. $500.00 Pickup only located in the Chicago I'll area. Contact. Dennis. Email. Lafffamily@comcast.net
  2. k6ccc

    Forsale singing trees

    No kidding. I AM adding singing faces this year, and I would jump on it except for two things - first is that I'm no where near Chicago, and more important - I've already purchased almost everything for my new faces...
  3. Vince4xmas

    Pixie 2 Leaping Arch Effect

    My arches are using LOR CCPs (50 pixels per arch). I have 4 arches. Used PE last year with no issues. Moving to S5 next year. My link to videos is below: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm6LIwfPJ_s5jX_XVH0r3sw If you need additional assistance PM me. Thanks
  4. k6ccc

    strobe light strings?

    Damn you Billy - Now I had to order some of those too. If you hadn't mentioned that, I would be a bit richer (but less flash come November)...
  5. BMurray

    strobe light strings?

    Got the email. Got my refund. They now have strobe strings in Red, Green and Blue. So of course I had to order those too
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