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  1. Forsale singing trees

    Decided to retire the holiday Coro trees. Used for 5 seasons . Forsale. 4 Holiday Coro singing trees and 1 holiday Coro. Singing Santa face. Thease are the 4 ft square ones all have led lights from Holiday Lights Express . Plus two lor CTB16c controllers. $500.00 Pickup only located in the Chicago I'll area. Contact. Dennis. Email. Lafffamily@comcast.net
  2. Forsale singing trees

    No kidding. I AM adding singing faces this year, and I would jump on it except for two things - first is that I'm no where near Chicago, and more important - I've already purchased almost everything for my new faces...
  3. Pixie 2 Leaping Arch Effect

    My arches are using LOR CCPs (50 pixels per arch). I have 4 arches. Used PE last year with no issues. Moving to S5 next year. My link to videos is below: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm6LIwfPJ_s5jX_XVH0r3sw If you need additional assistance PM me. Thanks
  4. strobe light strings?

    Damn you Billy - Now I had to order some of those too. If you hadn't mentioned that, I would be a bit richer (but less flash come November)...
  5. strobe light strings?

    Got the email. Got my refund. They now have strobe strings in Red, Green and Blue. So of course I had to order those too
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