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  1. George Simmons

    strobe light strings?

    Stacy Boatman also has a video or two with them. Hers are quite a bit back from the street and they still look good. I hate to say this, but the more I think about them, the more places I come up with where they might look very nice. Talk about pathetic, between 2 vendors, I've got 30 strings on order and I don't think that's enough. I only wish I hadn't been so stupid as to actually answer when Sharon casually asked me how many I was getting. It's amazing disappointing how quickly the edge wears off when you go dark for a year.
  2. caniac

    strobe light strings?

    Nice Job!!! What song is this?
  3. dibblejr

    Lower Prices - Wire Frame D'Lites

    Oh- ok. Just typical 8 here but I see how it could be 11 JR
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