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  1. I have LOR Cosmic color Pixels from LOR. I have both WS2811 smart pixels and strips and dumb strips from Ray Wu. I have GE Color Effects bulbs from two different LOR forum members. I have WS2811 pixels from another LOR forum member who got them from Holiday-Light-Express
  2. I've gotten everything from LOR and have been very pleased with how easily they set up and how durable they have been. I would highly recommend getting the complete sets of lights with controllers from the store here. You can find things elsewhere that you have to piece together yourself - bu I can't speak highly enough about the quality of the LR products, and their service should you have questions or concerns later.
  3. dibblejr


    For your support as a LEO, I salute you. JR
  4. Don’t get too excited about the Pi configuration. Prior to mine arriving on Monday, I had never touched a Raspberry Pi. Followed the step by step from the Falcon forum and waited a while and the FPP web interface became live. The setup is fairly intuitive, although the wording is a bit confusing for bridge mode, but a little help from caniac and it was easily figured out. My panels arrived yesterday and it’s killing me that I can’t play with them yet because the PiHat is not expected until Tuesday...
  5. ebrown1972


    Glad to hear it Dennis. I changed my password yesterday just in case. Whoever was behind it wasn't very smart. If my job was that of a criminal I would have sent very small payments to see if those went through and then saved the bigger payments for myself. LOL. I've worked as a law enforcement officer for almost 18 years now. Internet fraud is one of the most reported crimes of all now.
  6. Santas Helper


    In today's world of hacking and crime, everyone should keep tabs on ALL online accounts activity on a regular basis. No company/profile with online access is safe anymore.
  7. caniac

    Connecting P10 LED panels to LOR?

    four foot square, haven't used a micrometer since 1972.
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