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  1. CCR Question

    If your sequencing in PE the the network for the ccr's has to be in enhansed mode. Also if your ccr 's are older they have to have latest firmware installed to work in enhansed mode .
  2. Reflective Material for Wreaths

    J. Nice looking display. The obvious first thought would be white garland on wreaths frames. You can find many different samples on Amazon and Google. The fuller garland the better. The only downside would be that uplighting may cause some shadowing on the top. That may be an effect you like, but it is something to consider. If you had a way to light from top and bottom with floods you will get a more even wash, but again more lighting required and a light bar or truss would be needed.
  3. SE Advanced to SE PRO

    I was just about to text you and my phone rang. As soon as I hung up you posted. Glad you got it fixed. JR
  4. Vocal vs. Instrumental?

    I'm with ya on this one George. Not my cup of tea either. Some have done a great job on theirs and I'm sure the kids love it. Just not for me.
  5. Vocal vs. Instrumental?

    Thanks for the kind words Chet. And you're absolutely right. I've never had a singing face, tree, duck, pumpkin, bulb or anything else and never will. There's nothing at all novel or unique about those. (Okay - maybe the duck would be, but I digress.) Same goes for pixel billboards in the display and/or 8-bit cartoons scrolling around a mega tree. Just not my cup of tea. To each their own. Yet every single sequence I've ever done (except for the street-sweeper Soldier's Silent Night) is dead on with the beat. That's 99% due to LOR and their Beat Wizard tool.
  6. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    Don't look Ethyl