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  1. k6ccc


    And change your passwords!
  2. Dennis Laff

    CCR Question

    If your sequencing in PE the the network for the ccr's has to be in enhansed mode. Also if your ccr 's are older they have to have latest firmware installed to work in enhansed mode .
  3. lyori1

    Reflective Material for Wreaths

    J. Nice looking display. The obvious first thought would be white garland on wreaths frames. You can find many different samples on Amazon and Google. The fuller garland the better. The only downside would be that uplighting may cause some shadowing on the top. That may be an effect you like, but it is something to consider. If you had a way to light from top and bottom with floods you will get a more even wash, but again more lighting required and a light bar or truss would be needed.
  4. Hi Everyone, One of the frustrating problems I had was the fact that the music I purchased on-line for the music sequences seemed to have a different volume for each song. When playing the sequences some of the volume was too low or too high. I checked Audacity to see if that could adjust the volume of the individual songs, but it would only adjust what you heard through Audacity but would NOT change the volume of the MP3 file in your computer. Thus when you played the song through LOR, the original volume was used. I did find some software that actually does change the volume of the MP3 file on the computer, and it is freeware - no charge. I copied all my music files in the Audio folder of Light-O-Rama to a back-up folder. I then used this software and treated all my LOR music files as an 'album'. The software then went through and analyzed all the music and showed a graphic by song of the differences within the 'album'. I then continued and had the software process all the music so that all the songs were similar in volume. The software worked perfectly showing a consistant volume throughout the 'album'. I then opened the individual sequences and checked each one. It worked perfectly. I recommend this software to anyone who has the same problem with differing volumes in the LOR sequences and shows. The software is called MP3Gain and can be found here: http://mp3gain.sourceforge.net/ Check it out, read the web site and see if it is something you could use.
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