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  1. One of the new features in S5 is the preview. It use to be viewing your previous years sequence was a pain. Have to open up last years visualizer play last years sequence. Then change to this years visualizer and play this years sequence. In S5, open both sequences and just hit play, it will use the preview that was assigned to it. In the process of converting last years sequences to this years layout, this is so handy.
  2. Actually just the opposite. SuperStar is quite adept at sequencing any part of your display, whereas Pixel Editor is far more limited to matrix type things. With S5, yes there is better integration between Sequence Editor and Pixel editor with the new S5 sequencer, but so far (better promised) very poor integration with SuperStar. I sequence every channel in my display with SuperStar. The only part that could be considered a matrix type element is my 12 x 50 pixel tree. That leaves almost 4,000 channels that are in no way a matrix type element. SuperStar sequences then all with ease.
  3. I enjoyed a number of hand made treat baskets, cards and thanks at my door this year. One especially heart felt was a huge card with 20 or so hand drawn pictures and messages from a local daycare. I've been doing a display for 27 years and now have young families bringing their kids to enjoy the same experience they grew up with. Over the years there has even been three marriage proposals. I think living in a small town in the North for so many years has helped a bit but honestly I think most people really do appreciate the effort it takes to provide an activity and memory. I know I still can remember that house that my family always had to visit as part of our tradition. I suspect everyone who belongs to this forum have left a lasting impression, hopefully all good. "Marty's Christmas in Cold Lake 2017"
  4. The version of Papagayo are you using could be confusing things. The "Papagayo to LOR" program has to look around the folders to find where Papagayo puts the files. If you have installed and used more than one version of papagayo there could be more than one place to find the file but it stops looking at the first one. I think all the versions of papagayo will allow you to navigate to your desired folder to save the exported file. And Papa2LOR will allow you to navigate to the same folder to open the file. Just the default locations are not the same.
  5. Due to the major rain events where I live, I finally gave up on the GFCI circuits but due to the code requirements noted above, I still had to maintain them. So, even though its not wise to do, I wired in switches that bypass the GFCI. So only "after" they trip on their own, I can flip the switch and bypass the GFCI therefore the show continues to run normally. As soon as possible, I switch back to GFCI normal mode. As previously stated, this is not the most optimal way of handling things but I take the risks and watch carefully for anyone deciding to get out of their cars. To accomplish this, I use double-pole, double-throw switches and unless you know precisely what you are doing, don't attempt it.
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