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  1. cdlouke


    Just had a knock on the door a little bit ago from a neighbor that I had never met before. They told me they wanted to thank me for my lights and handed me a bottle of Jameson. Totally blew me away!
  2. No cutting just an easy bend.
  3. George Simmons

    FREE Sequence U Class - Using Master Track Sequence Structure

    I agree 100% - despite the fact I've encountered nothing but highly skilled and dedicated nurses, I also hate being sent to telemetry. Almost as much as I hate going to the CCU. The train wreck phase is past, or mostly past anyway. Thanks for asking. Normal, however, is something that people who know me might argue I haven't been for decades, if ever... I can relate all too well about needing things to keep my brain busy. I'm finding, even with dedication, that there's just so many hours each day that one can devote to being an internet troll before it starts becoming too repetitive. Looking into corners and under rocks for tips and time-saving tricks in the Sequence Editor is something I cover in many different classes. I'm a big believer in knowing what tools are in the toolbox. If you haven't already seen it, here's a link that goes into a bit more detail what the main topics for each class are. If you have questions, drop me a PM or an email. http://www.clearwaterlights.org/2018_SU_gen_info.html
  4. jamills706

    Help making initial Kit purchase for projector

    What kind of projector can be placed outside to withstand the weather (especially the winter cold)? I am assuming this discussion involves showing a "video" onto the entire house (or Castle) to enhance it...like one where Santa jumps from the top of a window frame to the top of the next window frame (I saw that once on a video someplace).
  5. Papa6058

    Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    Congrats Santa's Helper
  6. Mega Arch

    Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    Tom's Mega Poster
  7. Ebuechner

    LOR controller and other brand

    That won't be a problem go ahead and message me, if I don't have the answer I know where I can point you. www.diychristmas.org This is where I've gotten most of my information about Renard controllers.
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