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  1. I have been diy electrical work from simple fixture replacement to full house rewire, i always stand away from panels when they are energized. I have witnessed a dc2000 contactor for an attraction fail and shoot Sparks 40 ft across the room and scorch the brick wall. Not afraid of electricity but I do respect it.
  2. Look at next to the green arrows it should say normal click on normal to change speed .
  3. Renard controllers can be programmed with DMX protocol. Then you would be able to run them as a DMX device in Lor. You would need a pickit 3 or similar programmer and download the code.
  4. S4 has issues the more pixels you add, was not designed for that. S5 is suppose to fix that but currently in beta. you have friends, you will do alright.
  5. Phil, In trying to understand what you are trying do or what you are not seeing in S5, I made this quick little video to clarify if this what you are after. This prop used for this video is a CMD-24. 8 port, 24 channels dumb RGB's. This is where I am confused, are you trying to chase colors thru each channel? Does this video help or have I missed your question? Alan... ...Alan loves his new screen capture program
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