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  1. Ed K

    Matrix VS: Pixel Tree?

    Why not a 210 degree mega-tree? My four mini trees are 210 degrees, and they look good from every angle that the public can see. Saves: money, time constructing/sequencing/debugging, power consumption.
  2. ItsMeBobO

    Matrix VS: Pixel Tree?

    Help me with this suggestion. Do you mean buy all new shorter light strands? Or are you saying remove a color or have fewer strands around?
  3. Ebuechner

    Matrix VS: Pixel Tree?

    I would do a 36 strand 360 degree tree with 85 pixels per strand. You'd be able to be around 18 feet with 2 inch spacing and two strands would be one DMX universe which could be easily covered with a falcon controller with an expansion board. At that pixel density in that size I think you would look awesome and you would probably have to run it at 50% brightness so it doesn't outshine the rest of your display. You would probably want to use the Bocoyo strips, and nodes for this project. Also don't lose the spiral tree just downsize it, it still has plenty of wow factor it just doesn't have to be so big.
  4. Mega Arch

    Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    looking for snow-woman
  5. Why do you say that? I don't use Pixel Editor, so therefore I am not experienced in using the Preview Editor. I just re-created his preview in less than one minute. If I did not have to poke around to remember how to do it and find the buttons, it would be less than 15 seconds and about a dozen mouse clicks and 7 keyboard keys..
  6. k6ccc

    Matrix VS: Pixel Tree?

    Honest answer is that if you are going to get into large matrix type things, you really should plan on using SuperStar or Pixel Editor. Although yes, you CAN sequence a large matrix in Sequence Editor, it would take hours to create some effects in SE that would take just a few minutes in either SS or PE. My personal preference is SuperStar, but that's my opinion. If it were me, and money was not an object, I would convert the mega-tree to a pixel mega-tree. Putting small matrixes on the eight shutters using traditional pixels would be pretty low resolution for graphics. If you were to do that with P10 panels, they would be 48 pixels wide which would give you far better resolution. Just food for thought. Note that for reference, the San Antonio tree you showed is a lot of pixels. Best I could count from the photo, that is about 40 to 50 strings of between 75 and 100 pixels per string. Allow quite a bit of error factor in those counts, as there was a lot of guess work in there.
  7. k6ccc

    E682 Set Up in LOR?

    One more thing to avoid any confusion. If the controller card (any type) is set for uni-cast, then the LOR network preferences for the universes used by that card MUST be uni-cast. Similarly, if the controller card is set for multi-cast, then the LOR network preferences for the universes used by that card MUST be multi-cast. In other, the sender (LOR) and the receiver (controller card) MUST match for each universe.
  8. EmmienLightFan

    Sound outputs music & voice to different speakersI

    Does LOR do multi channel? (Other than L&R)
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