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  1. Brian Mitchell

    Vocal vs. Instrumental?

    I have both in my show. I like the mix. Just make. Sure you pick songs that you can stand to listen to a thousand times.
  2. caniac

    Matrix VS: Pixel Tree?

    I would say 180, no need lighting what most folks won't see. Below is my pixel tree with 4" spacing at the bottom and 16 strands.
  3. jamills706

    Vocal vs. Instrumental?

    I have some of each in my show. If there are vocals I tend to follow the voices rather than the background instruments when sequencing, and if it's instrumental I follow the music and beat more strictly. I have never found the vocals to detract - in fact, I think, people viewing the show probably sit in their cars and sing a long! LOL
  4. k6ccc

    Vocal vs. Instrumental?

    I have both in my show. I don’t think the voices detract from the lights. In fact some of the songs would be pretty dull without them. If my paste attempt works, this is my 2017 playlist: Song title Artist Wizards In Winter Trans Siberian Orchestra Minor re-write Christmas Cannon Trans Siberian Orchestra Minor re-write You're a Mean one Mr. Grinch Burl Ives Minor re-write Jingle Bells Barry Manilow with Expose' Minor re-write Hark! The Harold Angles Sing Lake Ave. Church Organ & Orchestra Minor re-write God Bless the USA The American Patriots Minor re-write Deck the Halls Mannheim Steamroller Minor re-write Carol of the Bells (Christmas Eve / Sarajeva 12/24) Trans Siberian Orchestra Minor re-write Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer Gene Autry Minor re-write All I Want for Christmas is You Mariah carey Added 12/24/17 Feliz Navidad Jose Feliciano Minor re-write The Hanukkah Song Elliot Dvorin New for 2017 Soldier's Silent Night Father Ted Berndt Major re-write
  5. dansamy

    Vocal vs. Instrumental?

    I haven't done any of it either because I'm considering purchasing this year. Just need to decide exactly WHAT and from WHERE. Is there a way to slow it down and isolate different tracks? That would make it easier. It's been ages since music theory but learning a musical score at half time and then speeding it up to fill tempo after you've learned it is easier.
  6. roverdish

    Random channels staying on

    Solution found. It was indeed a bad cat5 cable. I knew something was weird because it was channel 8 on 5 different controllers misbehaving. Thanks Mega Arch.
  7. bryan.hurley5

    Stryper Winter Wonderland

    I need a drone
  8. TBS99

    Stryper Winter Wonderland

    My suggestion which you can use or not is to get rid of all that shimmer. Very hard to watch. Use more fades. Everything does not have to flash all the time. Other than that good show. Tom
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