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  1. This year, oddly enough, is one of our busiest years. Not just personally, but in the community we've brought to our house too. This was the first year we wrote to our local newspaper who does a collection of lights across the county. The area covered is an extensive range and we're considered a part of the "outskirts" of the county. To have the number of visitors increase by this much is astonishing and humbling. Then, later tonight I was sent an email inquiring about our show and how we program it and such. It's truly an honor to enrich so many people. Anyways - I'll stop my rambling. Here's one of our songs ... I'm working on editing some of them right now to go live on our website. Thank you to every single person behind the Light o Rama staff who work hard to keep this company going, as well as everyone in this community for their support and sharing of knowledge or experiences, in the hope that they too can help someone have an even better season. Many of you have influenced me greatly or answered my random and newbie like questions - thank you for your consideration and patience. Without further ado, here's one of five songs for this year. 2017 Carol of the Bells
  2. uncledan

    Matrix VS: Pixel Tree?

    32 might be a little thin at the bottom for a 360 tree. My tree is 48 strands of 110 pixels with 2" spacing with diameter of approximately 9 feet and lighted height of 18 ft.
  3. gsmith37064

    Matrix VS: Pixel Tree?

    Hey Matt with that huge yard you could go either way. I just built a pixel spiral tree and it's pretty awesome. You can do all sorts of effects with it. Even go old school and do the normal red, green, blue, white like a normal spiral. My visitors love it.
  4. dibblejr

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Just wanted to wish everyone and their family a Merry Christmas before I get busy tomorrow and forget. ~JR and Family
  5. Dcroc

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Merry Christmas to the people on the best forum on the net!!!
  6. plasmadrive

    Lights at the Ranch has come to an end

    My wife is the one that came up with the backyard idea for family and friends.. it's about 30'x60' or so and has 40' tall redwoods on three sides.. I could make a nice walk thru display and since it won't be public, I can play with my laser gear maybe.. Just thinking.. Won't be until 2019 though. I have a new knee on order at Home Depot so that will slow me down for a few months..
  7. Mr. P

    Video Cameras

    ***UPDATE*** Mission Accomplished, new DJI Mavic Pro in hand
  8. Thebug

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Merry Christmas ya filthy animals!
  9. k6ccc

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Merry Christmas all!
  10. default

    Laser DMX control...best practices

    Don, Here is some info for when you get to the point of programming the Laser. I found some videos and they were helpful but I still had to slog my way thru it. Hopefully these pictures will help you out. I have a 9 Channel DJ Swarm Laser/Led unit. This first picture is part of the channel list for this unit. Only channels 4 - 9 are shown as they pertain to the Laser operation. Most important is somewhere in your book for the laser it will tell you what channel is for operating the Laser in DMX Mode, and what the DMX Intensity setting must be. In my case it is channel 1 and it must have a Dmx Intensity of 200-255. Think of this as the on/off switch of sorts, without this channel having the proper setting it will not recognize dmx signals. Other Dmx Intensity settings in channel 1 will cause it to run in auto mode, sound activation mode, etc. ^^ This picture represent a screenshot of my Channels Configuration in LOR Sequence Editor. As you can see I have 9 channels to use, all do something different and some work together. ie. Channel 6 Lasers, Channel 7 Laser Strobe, and Channel 9 Laser Motor (turning the laser for different effects) These 3 channels will result in different colors, strobing (speed) and rotation of the beam to make patterns. These channels are added to your sequencing grid as thou you were adding another controller. As far as I know, there is no way to add them to a Visualization file. ^^ This picture shows how the sequencing grid will look as you sequence. It is different from other LOR sequencing, instead of just turning a channel on or off, you are using the DMX Intensity to enter certain values as they pertain to the effect you are looking to do. ^^ This picture shows the DMX Intensity and what thier values are. ^^ This picture is where the DMX Intensity button is on the top toolbar. I believe it is only active once you have a DMX universe up and running. ^^ This is what the DMX Intensity box looks like. There are preset values. For instances if you wanted to enter a value of 99, it is easy to go to 96 and click the up button 3 times, or you could just highlight the input field and type 99 there. Once you have the DMX Intensity value you want, go to you sequence and draw it in as you would similar to turning light on in other sequencing. This is also the same way to sequence for moving head lights. Depending on the features of your laser it can be tedious to sequence, but worth it in the end. I setup a sample sequence and hooked up the unit so I could see what effects I wanted to display at certain times. iT was helpful for me to see what I was doing with the laser because there are so many options. Hopefully this info will help you and others. If you have any question, ask away. Alan... Edit: be sure to have the Control Panel running and it is sees your DMX device with no errors. 2nd Edit. this forum software is awesome for making post with pictures
  11. dibblejr

    Singing Trees

    Unfortunately major problems in other areas prevented me from getting my choir director/Mc set up. I did receive the lights and connectors though but had no time to get them installed. When my mega tree hook head broke ( day after it was set up$ it cost me 1 week . 6400 leds in 3 piles
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