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  1. My comment had nothing to do with traffic flow or anything like that. I was just agreeing with what I quoted. I know my neighbors really enjoy our display, they've told us many times. I'm in a town of 2500 and we would have to drive at least a half an hour to see anything like what we do. I play songs I like, but I'm not opposed to using next door neighbors suggestions if they had any. After all, it is for other people to enjoy too. If it was just for us it would be in the basement or garage, where it's warm and my fingers and hands work better.
  2. I was just telling my wife last night about the many shows going dark this year. If it ever came down to shutting my show down for the general public I would still continue.... In my back yard??. No way I would stop completely because of others.
  3. Thanks Daniel. Truth is, I'm actually getting tired of having nothing to do. First time in the last 25 years I've been idle this time of year. Heart attacks are so over-rated... Merry Christmas to you and yours, and also to Helmet Head. Sorry, but I can't answer your questions. Although I'm guessing someone else here probably can. I haven't gotten around to looking at S5 yet - I'm still waiting for them to get the bugs out of it while wondering why I need it. I don't know what "grids" would have to do with it, though - as far as I know, LOR software has had grids since it was first hatched sometime in the last century or whenever it was.
  4. It may very well be time to shut it down at your home, but I wouldn't give up on finding another location nearby that is better suited. It doesn't necessarily have to be a public place. Maybe a local business would be interested. If you're simply tired of the setup/tear down etc., that's a different matter. If it truly is strictly dealing with people and traffic don't rule out another location without at least talking to some people first. Merry Christmas!
  5. A woman brought her two year old to the show last night. She posted a short clip on my wifes facebook account. This is why we do it.
  6. Nope. Floods are my only RGB elements. I have better things to do in December than to be soldering in replacements in the flipping cold.
  7. John Storms on his listentooutlights.com page has a nice "traffic management plan" document. One of his tricks is to only have the show running x minute per hour. That allosw the neightborhood to clear out from all the cars.
  8. You gotta manage the problem and not let it manage you.....we have significant traffic come thru our neighborhood...more than 10,000 cars so far since Black Friday...we manage the traffic just fine with 5 people and a bunch of traffic cones. If someone is doing something stupid/wrong, we address it right then. To me closing down means the jerks wins....that will never happen at my light show.
  9. I see I was mentioned as a source of info. My pixel tree is a flat tree with 12 strings of 50 pixels with 2.5 inch spacing. That makes it 122.5 inches from the top pixel to the bottom pixel with the bottom pixel about 10 inches off the ground. With the star on top, the total height is about 16 feet. For a good description, go to the web page at: http://newburghlights.org/pixel_tree.html This year I have a different star than the web page shows. It’s now the Boscoyo Studio 270 pixel star. Next year I am planning on rebuilding the tree. I’m not 100% sure on the new configuration, but leaning to 16 strings of 100 pixels. i am driving it with a SanDevices E682 E1.31 controller with 12 outputs for the 12 strings of the tree and three outputs for the star. I am feeding power to both ends of the 90 pixel strings for the star because it was badly needed. It all runs at 5 volts.
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