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  1. Being original.

    Yeah I still use some Holdman sequences in my display, I have a few "Fantasy Lights" sequences, Sill use some "Lights for Riley" , "Wilton Lights", "Tauton Tales", Jade and a few others. Each had a unique look to them. Christmas Lights by Coldplay that Jade shared with me back in 2010 is still one of my favorite sequences. Like Jeff said, All thanks to people sharing. So thank you sharers. You make it possible for us non-creative folks to appear creative. BTW, you helped me collect $3,500 last year for a local charity that helps out family's in need, they thank you too.
  2. Being original.

    Tom- Thanks for the compliment. Trust me I understand your pov. As far as outline sequences other than James there may be less than 5 members I have asked for a sequence and I know each of them from memory. James sequences compliments my props and my singing faces. I also have either met in person, skype or over the phone each of them, well except for 75Redman who recently shared a work of art with me. I still haven't worked it into my show yet, I think it was a patriotic sequence so it will get there. IMO this is just a fun hobby, that's why I do what I do. If I wanted to get paid, and I have had offers, that would take the fun away. I like helping people either singing faces or setting up their pixies etc. and when my local publisher asked me why I do what I do for the holidays my comment was and will always be the same "because I can and there are others who simply cant for various reasons" and I left it at that. Its the same way in the forums. Happy Lighting and Merry Christmas everyone. JR
  3. My friend is coming with his Drone this weekend so I'm hoping we can get some good video to post next week. I have a small video posted on my Facebook page( Gopher Hill Farms Animated Christmas Light Display) from last year but there is no audio.
  4. Being original.

    I'm in my 10th year and I've written two sequences myself and hated it. LOL. I am totally with you on what you wrote! I am so thankful Richard Holdman shared ALL of his sequences the first three or four years he did his lights at his old house. He was also cool enough to make tutorial videos on various parts of his display. Between these two things, I felt confident enough to plan my display over the entire 2008 off-season. When the lights lit for the first time I was floored! Without that sharing that went on, I doubt I would have jumped into this hobby. I am very, VERY thankful to everyone who has shared over the years. I am not artistic enough to sequence from a blank page. I have re-written almost entire sequences but to start from nothing? I just can't do it. What's more is I try to capture other people's displays in ours. I love some of the displays I've seen over the years and it's awesome to capture a little touch of them. Whether it be with a lighting effect, or using an actual song... I totally know who I'm "copying" and it brings a smile to my face. Nobody, I mean nobody that watches our display knows where I've borrowed things from. And I doubt they'd care either since we have almost no animated displays around us. People just like to watch dancing Christmas lights and that's what I like too so I do this crazy display. All thanks to people sharing. So thank you sharers. You make it possible for us non-creative folks to appear creative.
  5. HOA said NO to my sign

    And this is why I refuse to live in an HOA community.
  6. Still having issues

    Wow....multiple problems you had to deal with. Weird about the new controllers and the firmware. Sounds like you're back in the ball game!
  7. HOA said NO to my sign

    I have a big bay window with no panes and I use a video projector to display the tune to information. It originally had a virtual Santa video playing during the show but decided to just play the tune to info this year.
  8. TSO 2017 tour dates are out

    Went to the show last night. WOW is all I can say. That stage was incredible, and the light show out of this world. Our seats were really great. The screen mapping was the most fantastic thing I've ever seen (my church does screen mapping, so I'm familiar with it on a small scale). The tech guys for TSO are obviously REALLY REALLY talented. So glad I got tickets! Well worth it!
  9. HOA said NO to my sign

    P10 matrix panel to show song title and tune to information.
  10. Make sure the channels used for the background sequence are removed from all your show sequences. They can only be used in one place. Just delete the background channels from a sequence and export the channel config then import it to the others. I have never used the animation tab but I would think the same applies, can't use those channels on any other sequence. Background starts first and runs the entire scheduled show time. I belive animation begins after that and runs the entire schedule as well. Basically, if I understand correctly, background props and animation props can only be used as such and you can't combine the props purpose or you will get conflicting network signals. I ran into this years back when I first used background to run the tune to signs and garland fence out front. Chris
  11. Pixels you can add to or take away all you want as long as you don't overload the port. Just make sure you solder everything correctly and also be advised that pixels are directional. The data only flows one way so make sure you know the data in and the data out.
  12. Being original.

    “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.” I guess that doesnt apply to sequencing and Christmas lights
  13. George's Face Lives On.... Oh Yeah!

    I distinctly remember mentioning to you that having a house face is both a blessing and a curse. You thought I was kidding or maybe over-exaggerating, didn't you?
  14. Dennis, Thank you replying to my issue, however I just resolved the problem. Updated the firmware to the old receivers using CTB 16PC G3 v 1.09 from light o rama. u would not believe the excitement that came over me, a 50ty old man jumping around with his dog 2am in the morning everything come into sequence, woke the whole house to come see the lights. Thank you again, can't wait to see my grandson eyes when he see's the lights on.
  15. My 16yo daughter programmed this song for our display.
  16. I will add this to the list of requested enhancements. Thanks for the feedback! Matt
  17. New York City Christmas

  18. False Feedback?

    Matt, if this is a YouTube video or on Facebook or the social media service you use, post on the account directly related to light show (i.e. "Light Show on Street Blvd") in the comments and simply explain the situation as you explained to us. "Each light, when on or off, symbolizes a beat of music, has inherent meaning and is a part of the story. We program the lights ourselves to turn on at each beat of the song. I recommend you visit again, tune your car radio to "(your radio station)" and watch the lights dance magically to the songs. I'm sure it will bring a smile to your face. We try so very hard to make this an enjoyable experience for our community." They may not understand the difference of your display or what makes you stand out... but give them a reason to want to come back and try again. The theme for my display is that every year is different. We add something new to the experience that will only benefit the show and make people happy. Bringing families together to celebrate the holiday and create new memories is at the core of what we do. Remind these guests that's why we do what we do.